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Edition: Brazil
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Vidraria Anchieta invests in creativity to meet the demands of the premium cosmetics market

By focusing on the durability and versatility of glass for cosmetics packaging, Vidraria Anchieta is ramping up its investments in the high-end segment to meet market demands and increase its competitive edge. One of the company’s latest investments was a 3D printer to enhance its prototyping capabilities. Fragrances and cosmetics represent 75% of Anchieta’s business, which also provides services to the food industry. In this interview with Brazil Beauty News, the company’s commercial manager, Luiz Marcelo Genzerico, talks about how the company plans to grow 10% in the next three years.

Luiz Marcelo Genzerico, Vidraria Anchieta

Luiz Marcelo Genzerico, Vidraria Anchieta

Brazil Beauty News - What are Vidraria Anchieta’s next steps in light of current domestic market conditions and Wheaton’s acquisition of Verescence?

Luiz Marcelo Genzerico - There will be market adjustments, that it is only natural. Vidraria Anchieta has been focusing on new technologies since 2016 to establish a new positioning in Brazil. We have realized we need to be more aggressive in the market for premium products, which has traditionally been served by Wheaton and Verescence. This acquisition will actually give us a boost, since our investments have prepared us to meet market demands more efficiently and with higher-quality products.

Brazil Beauty News - What does your current cosmetics division portfolio include?

Luiz Marcelo Genzerico - The fragrances and cosmetics division currently corresponds to 75% of our business volume and we plan to grow another 10% within this area in the next three years.

Brazil Beauty News - What sets Vidraria Anchieta apart from the competition?

Luiz Marcelo Genzerico - Our main point of difference is that we have a lean operation. We are flexible in terms of customer support and develop new products very quickly, because we have our own set of tools and a highly experienced team.

Brazil Beauty News - What are the main challenges faced in the production of glass containers for the fragrance and cosmetics segment?

Luiz Marcelo Genzerico - There are the challenges inherent to glass production. In the fragrance and cosmetics segment in particular, the requirements are very high. That is why we constantly invest in new technology.

Brazil Beauty News - What will the Brazilian cosmetics and fragrances segment look like in ten years and what role will Vidraria Anchieta play?

Luiz Marcelo Genzerico - The motto of the perfumery and cosmetics market is “constant innovation”, both in terms of discovering new raw materials and developing new packaging. That is why Vidraria Anchieta is investing in equipment that complements the creativity of its personnel, such as a 3D printer, to cater to an increasingly demanding market. We also believe that, in the next 10 years, the market will once again see glass containers as ideal for packaging and preserving all types of product, including fragrances and cosmetics.

Glass flacons at Vidraria Anchieta's plant

Glass flacons at Vidraria Anchieta’s plant

Brazil Beauty News - How does the company view client’s growing demands for sustainability in its operations?

Luiz Marcelo Genzerico - Nowadays, consumers are better informed, and have started demanding packaging that serves its purpose, that is, to preserve products. They are also pressuring authorities into banning packaging that is harmful to consumers and the environment alike, such as what happened with the ban on plastic straws in Rio de Janeiro.

Brazil Beauty News - What role does decoration play in the manufacturing of glass for cosmetics?

Luiz Marcelo Genzerico - It is a key manufacturing aspect, because we can use the same container, but with a different style for different types of product. The decoration division invests greatly in new technology for glass containers, offering a wide range of customization options.

Brazil Beauty News - How do Brazilian packaging producers stack up to the competition of international manufacturers in the domestic market?

Luiz Marcelo Genzerico - We have two strengths in comparison with international producers: speed to meet the ever-changing demand and more stable prices. Since our prices are already in Reals, they are not subject to currency exchange rate fluctuations.

Amanda Veloso

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