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"The future of cosmetics hangs on a more sustainable approach", says Amend’s Lucimar Brum

Biodegradable packaging and more environmentally friendly packaging are solutions for cosmetics brands investing in ethical consumption.

Creating a sustainable cosmetics product that is environmentally friendly through every stage of the manufacturing process is not enough. It is also necessary to consider how the product will be packaged until it reaches consumers. This is one the biggest challenges for beauty products manufacturers, as there is a growing interest in ethical consumption.

Spiltag's solutions with additive Go Green P-Life and PET PCR...

Spiltag’s solutions with additive Go Green P-Life and PET PCR resi

Plastic is the obstacle in this process. Brazil is the fourth largest plastic producer in the world and one of the countries that recycles it the least. According to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), only 1% of the plastic produced in Brazil is recycled. The NGO claims that plastic pollution can take up to 100 years to decompose.

However, a few more sustainable solutions are starting to appear on the market. Spiltag, a specialist in PET packaging for the personal care sector, boasts a few of them in its portfolio. "As a company that works with plastics, we understand that we need to find solutions that meets the current demands of a society that is increasingly guided by conscious consumption and environment preservation. Therefore, we are building a world in which plastic is not a ’villain’, but a source for innovation and for the creation of new products", says Patrícia Rodrigues, commercial and marketing manager at the company.

Spiltag already worked with recycled packaging with PET post-consumer resin (PCR) - which can be applied in 25% to 100% of packaging production. Last year, the company launched a biodegradable line produced from the oxo-biodegradable additive Go Green P-Life, which can transform any plastic derived from naphtha - produced from petroleum - into a biodegradable product. The technology was developed in Japan and is primarily composed of coconut oil, which is nontoxic and made from a renewable source.

"Along with not harming the environment, the additive also maintains the qualities and chemical and physical properties of packaging, without altering its production and allowing the company to recycle even the shavings", says Rodrigues. She also adds that it is possible to combine both solutions when creating products. "PET PCR and Go Green P-Life are both intelligent options that complement each other. Our clients can get recyclable and biodegradable packaging, closing the sustainability cycle".

Cosmetics brand Amend was one of the companies that embraced packaging made with the oxo-biodegradable additive. The novelty was launched with their Botanic Beauty line, produced with over 90% natural ingredients. "Ethical consumptions is currently one of the main behavioral trends. The future of cosmetics hangs on a more sustainable approach and, even though a revolution doesn’t happen all of a sudden, each effort in this direction is a huge step", says marketing manager Lucimar Brum. "That is why Amend has decided to start contributing to the environment, as we are increasingly concerned about the impact we have on nature", she says.

Natural and biodegradable cosmetics manufacturer Unevie is also looking for packaging that causes less environmental impact. The company uses biodegradable compostable cellophane to wrap its soap bars and solid shampoos. "It preserves the volatile essential oils and maintains the quality of the bars in different temperatures and humidity levels", says founder Andreia Munhoz.

The brand does not use boxes to store the products, but bags made 100% out of cotton. The tags are made of wood, which can be reused as an air freshener for small environments. The little plastic they use is being replaced by glass. "Currently, only 13% of our portfolio is stored in plastic packages and it will soon be only 9%", says Munhoz.

Renata Martins


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