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Edition: Brazil
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Seven out of ten Brazilians believe that buying beauty products is a necessity, not a luxury

For a majority of Brazilians, physical attributes impact personal life and professional career opportunities, finds a research from the Credit Protection Service (SPC Brasil).

According to study [1], six in ten (62.7%) Brazilians consider themselves as vain persons with high concern about their appearance and 65.7% agree with the idea that taking care of its beauty is not luxury, but a necessity. Another finding that confirms the importance of self-image for Brazilians: almost half of the respondents (49.4%) believe that spending money in order to improve its physical appearance is an investment that is worth it, since it’s a source of happiness and satisfaction.

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The study suggests that concern over appearance is directly connected with social and work relations. For instance, when asked about the factors that influence professional success, respondents ranked “being good looking” in fourth position (32.1%), ahead of attributes such as “intelligence” (28.9 %), “discipline” (23.4%), “taking care” (21.7%) and “sympathy” (20.9%). The first places were given to “effort and dedication” (48.1%), “qualification and education” (47.4%) and “honesty” (41.4%). According to the study, seven out of ten (74.8%) respondents believe that well-groomed people appear to be better professionals and more than a half (52.6%) agree that beautiful people have more opportunities in their life.

Strong belief in the power of cosmetics

Consumers that want to take of their beauty are most willing to buy clothes, shoes and accessories (40.5%), healthy eating (40.2%), nail (30.3%) and teeth (38.0%) care, weight control (35.4%), body and face creams (34.5%), physical activity (32.5%) and hair dyes (26.9%).

The study also found that more than a half (57.4%) of consumers believe that beauty products can effectively improve the appearance of people.

Regarding the motivations of consumer who want to appear more beautiful, the research finds that self-esteem is most important (62.1%).

Respondents were also asked what are the products or services they intended to purchase in the next three months in order to take care of appearance. Cosmetics ranked first, with more than half of the citations (50.7% ), followed by clothing, footwear and accessories (43.9%) and hair, nail, beard care (42.3%). Among the other products and services listed were: dental treatments (24.4%), makeup (20.9%) and medicines and vitamins (19.0%).

Price and quality

The main criteria that Brazilian consumers consider when purchasing beauty products or services are: price (58.1%), before quality (47.1%) and service (33.2%).

Product characteristics that consumers consider as the most important are: the quality (79.4%), the fragrance (71.0%) and the price (70.8%). However, according to the study, associating the product with a celebrity only impacts a small group of respondents (20.2%).

Actually, the sources that people trust the most when searching information about beauty products and services are their friends and family (46.8%), specialized websites (42.7%) and social networks (22.1%).

Most Brazilians care about other’s opinion

Research confirms that vanity is an important feature of the Brazilian lifestyle: 62.7% consider themselves as vain people - of which 12.7% say they are very or extremely concerned about their appearance.

Overall, the study shows that Brazilians give considerable attention to visual appearance: 82.9% feel more attractive when they are well done, 44.8% are concerned to avoid the effects of aging, 33.6% admit that having a good appearance is one of their main concerns of their daily routine and 55.0% care about others’ opinion about their physical appearance.

Source: SPC Brazil


[1Survey conducted by the Credit Protection Service (Serviço de Proteção ao Crédito - SPC Brazil) and the National Confederation of Shop Managers (Confederação Nacional de Dirigentes Lojistas - CNDL) in the capitals of the 26 Brazilian states and the Federal District, on a sample of 790 consumers of both genders, all social classes and over 18 years of age. The margin of error is at most 3.5 percentage points for a margin of confidence of 95%.

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