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Search for natural beauty prompts the rise of products for wavy hair

The cosmetics industry is now investing in customized solutions that promise to end frizzy hair and boost volume, shine and body in wavy strands.

Celina Issa, global marketing manager at Oxiteno

Celina Issa, global marketing manager at Oxiteno

Gone are the days when straight hair ruled in Brazil. In the last few years, products focusing on curls have seen very fast growth. However, between straight and curly hair lies another hair type that has recently started to draw the attention of the Brazilian cosmetics industry - wavy hair.

We are going through a phase of acceptance towards wavy, as well as curly hair. This reinforces the need for products that help care for and showcase the comeback of natural beauty”, says Celina Issa, Global Marketing Manager for Personal Care at Oxiteno. “We are rethinking everything, including the way we see ourselves in the mirror and how hair reflects our personality.

Wavy hair has its own set of characteristics and demands specific care. According to Jacqueline Morais, a researcher specializing in personal care at Oxiteno, wavy hair is more difficult to brush, because it gets tangled very easily and the ends tend to be drier than in straight hair.

Wavy hair also looks less shiny, and shine is a very important factor in haircare, because it relates very closely to strand health,” explains Morais. “Many consumers end up using too much conditioner on their hair, which can lead to increasingly oily roots, making the hair look heavier,” she says.

Retailers are now starting to offer customized options that target this particular consumer base. A variety of new products promises to provide wavy hair with volume, body and shape, in addition to preventing frizzy hair, boosting shine and protecting strands from the heat.

In the second half of 2018, Nazca Cosméticos launched the new Origem Com Onda line, which ranges from shampoo to finishers, as well as products that focus on hair repair and nourishment. “Consumers are increasingly more demanding and looking for products that are made specifically for their hair type. This has already become a reality for this niche,” says Priscila Almeida, marketing manager at Nazca Cosméticos. Amend, Lola, Salon Line and Natura are some of the other brands that have recently launched products for wavy hair in Brazil.

Dayane Spassatempo, marketing at BASF in Brazil

Dayane Spassatempo, marketing at BASF in Brazil

Many chemical companies are likewise attuned to such new demands. “One of BASF’s main new product is Luviquat® Supreme AT1, a cationic polymer that guarantees flexible, natural-looking and long-lasting fixation. It helps maintain the hair’s natural waves and boosts volume in fine hair, in addition to protecting the strands from the heat,” says Dayane Spassatempo, who is in charge of marketing for the haircare department of BASF in Brazil.

Focus Química, which distributes silicone products from German company Wacker, singles out Belsil® ADM 8103 from its portfolio. “This is a nonionic microemulsion made from Amodimethicone (30%) that boasts high conditioning properties and makes it easier to comb through the hair, increases the strands’ natural shine and decreases hair frizz,” explains Amanda Omodei, technical marketing director at Focus Química.

Additionally, Evonik suggests ABIL® ME 45 MB, a silicone microemulsion that combines conditioning with an enhanced sensory experience, in addition to protecting colored hair. According to Amanda Caridad, the company’s personal care marketing analyst, there are 600 different hair types in Latin America alone. This represents an enormous untapped potential for the cosmetics industry, with wavy hair being just one of many different niches.

That is the current trend, to cater to all types of hair and consumers,” adds Priscila Almeida, from Nazca.

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