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Edition: Brazil
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“Our objective is to provide Brazilian consumers with safer nail polish and a broader offering”, Alexandre Miasnik, Fiabila

The French nail polish supplier will launch the first production lines of its Brazilian plant in early 2016. Fiabila banks on an increasingly demanding market in terms of quality and variety to settle firmly in Brazil with ranges made locally, in compliance with the highest international standards.

Alexandre Miasnik, General Manager, Fiabila

Alexandre Miasnik, General Manager, Fiabila

Brazil Beauty News - In 2014, Fiabila announced the purchase of a plant in the suburbs of São Paulo. What about this Brazilian adventure?

Alexandre Miasnik - It is an adventure indeed! We initiated very intensive work in this large plant - more than 7,500 m2 - to make it comply both with local standards and our international requirements, which we developed thanks to our long experience. The work that will allow us to start our activities will be over in December, and we are receiving the required licences.

Brazil Beauty News - How is this plant structured?

Alexandre Miasnik - Our activity will start in early 2016 with the tinting of thixotroped bases with colouring solutions mainly imported from France, and with conditioning, which will be performed on two lines fitted with the same equipment as those we use in France. Then we will gradually get to seven lines. In the course of the second semester 2016, our site will be ready for the local manufacturing of thixotroped bases and skincare products. The time period in-between is due to the very high technicity of the production tool, as it is modelled on the one we use in Maintenon, in France, and to the fact that all local raw materials still do not meet Fiabila’s quality and price level requirements. Eventually, the objective is to integrate all productions on the local level.

As for safety and the environment, whether it be for laboratory control, production in closed circuit to reduce contamination risks to a minimum, or safety, with cutting-edge systems in case of fire or if materials fall over, we have installed in Brazil the exact same equipment we have been using elsewhere. The production tool also helps limit handling and releases into the atmosphere to a minimum. We will treat Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) after we have started our activities and concrete measures have been taken.

Brazil Beauty News - How important is Brazil for Fiabila’s international development strategy?

Alexandre Miasnik - Our latest statistics confirm the essential role of the Brazilian nail polish market. That is why Fiabila had to settle in this country with a production tool adapted both to the importance of this market and to the increasing need for quality products. We have been implementing the procedures we apply in France on the local level, and we commit to strictly comply with European and American regulations, among others. Today, Fiabila is the only company to be able to meet these requirements, and we definitely intend to settle firmly in Brazil, just like we did on the other major markets.

Brazil Beauty News - Brazilian women’s taste for nail polish is a widely known fact. Brazil is the first consumer in the world in terms of volume, but the second one for value, behind the United States, with very low prices. Is it moving upmarket, like other categories?

Alexandre Miasnik - Most products are sold by a few local brands that sell low-end goods for very low prices. But we have observed a move upmarket for certain ranges for over a year now. In fact, a lot of Brazilian brands suffer from allergies, and an increasing number of them would like to have “4 or 5-Free” products, which are free from specific ingredients that are de-listed elsewhere. Besides, the current offering remains limited in terms of colours, effects, and skincare products. Therefore, the move upmarket will depend on safer products, but also a broader offering and, above all, quality goods, which until now could not be much seen on the market. Fiabila does have an essential role to play.

Brazil Beauty News - The cosmetics market in Brazil has known a slowdown, everyone knows it. But certain segments like makeup are still dynamic. How do you think the market will change?

Alexandre Miasnik - Beauty has a very particular resonance for Brazilian women, even the least well-off of them, and the fact that certain products are extremely cheap clearly explains the dynamism of this market. Prospects remain very encouraging, and Fiabila is ready for the challenge.

Interview by Vincent Gallon

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