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Edition: Brazil
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Ingredients & formulation

Naturex: a new collection of natural extracts for a perfect complexion

Whatever the age target or country, more and more cosmetic claims highlight the complexion’s natural glow. Naturex, the world leader in natural ingredients, now meets this global demand from cosmetics manufacturers with, among others, a new New Radiance collection with unique plant-derived extracts which target all mechanisms of action for a bright and even tone.

The collection is based on three converging formulation axes: treating exfoliation, skin colour disorders and inflammatory reactions.

The first action is intended to renew the surface of the skin with a high concentration in AHAs, which Naturex draws from African hibiscus and cranberry extracts. The tests performed on these flower and fruit acids show better efficacy results than the usual glycolic and lactic acids. The hibiscus extract is available as a colourless powder or in a liquid version, with a concentration in actives reaching 55%.

Naturex new collection is based on three converging formulation axes: (...)

Naturex new collection is based on three converging formulation axes: treating exfoliation, skin colour disorders and inflammatory reactions.

The inhibition action of tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for dark spots and other imperfections, results from the extracts of balm, rhodiola, and liquorice, which act directly on the melanin synthesis mechanisms. Ultimately, soothing liquorice and schizandra extracts are used against the chronic inflammation that causes redness.

A pure molecule for microcirculation

The brightening effect is also ensured by the escin molecule, which was showcased at the last Cosmetagora show. Escin is a new element in the NAT purity range, and 95% of this pure molecule is extracted from horse-chestnut. It acts on the skin’s venous tonicity, and provides both radiance and an antioxidant action as a face treatment, and an anti-cellulite and anti-heavy legs action as a body care product.

We have noticed consumers increasingly seek natural and pure, plant-derived molecules. This type of ingredients guarantees the cosmetic product’s efficacy on the skin,” comments Yohan Rolland, Personal Care Market Manager.

An exemplary formula

Naturex has incorporated its ingredients into a standard formula to highlight their properties. The company has chosen to ride on the lightly-textured night products wave from Korea with Brightening Night Jelly, a gel-cream with a fluid texture to be applied at night which provides a high quantity of actives, while allowing the skin to breathe for a radiant complexion in the morning. This formulation should appeal to Asian markets and prepare for the arrival of this new trend on the European market.

Kristel Milet


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