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Monodose packaging solutions to gain ground in the retail market

Cheaper, convenient and easy to carry around, single-dose beauty products have been growing in popularity with customers by encouraging experimentation.

Previously used mainly as free samples, single-dose packaging has been gaining traction in the beauty retail space. Face masks, hair moisturizers and hair bleach are just some of the products that can be easily found in the Brazilian market in a monodose version.

GrandPack's Cosm'in packaging, winner of the 2017 ABRE Awards

GrandPack’s Cosm’in packaging, winner of the 2017 ABRE Awards

We not only predicted this increase but we have actively contributed to it,” says Breno Amparo, marketing consultant at sachet manufacturer GrandPack. He claims that single-dose products are a smart and convenient way to save and reduce waste since each dose corresponds to a single application.

GrandPack supplies sachet packaging for Bio Extratus Cosméticos Naturais, whose portfolio has several intensive hair treatments in individual packages, such as the latest Super Dose de Força and Dose Concentrada de Queratina, both sold in packs of 30g. “Single-use products are designed to fully achieve the expected result in one goal. As they were not made for daily use, investing in larger quantities is not always the best option for the customer,” says Eduardo Avendanho, sales consultant for Bio Extratus.

In addition to the reduced price, portability, ease of use and storage, Avedanho highlights another advantage of single-dose products: “customers are more likely to try the product, which is a great way to discover the brand, test a specific item or a new line.

Looking to reach out to a bigger audience, Acquaflora Cosméticos has relaunched its Acquaplex hair discoloration enhancement fluid in 12ml bottles. “We encountered some resistance from retailers when we introduced this item in its previous packaging due to the initial investment required,” says Acquaflora’s marketing manager, Carolina Wadt. “Single-dose products benefit the consumer as more retail stores are able to offer them to the customers.

Operating in the hair care industry for nearly 10 years, Acquaflora has always worked with monodose hair moisturizers in an effort to offer added convenience and reduced costs to the consumer. “Not everyone uses intensive hair treatments often. The individual packaging allows customers to buy the satchels when they need them, following their unique hair care routine. They don’t need to invest in large quantities or get stuck with the product in case the expected result is not achieved,” says Wadt.

She believes individual packaging is a growing trend and doesn’t rule out the possibility of new launches in this format. Avedanho agrees that the monodose movement is here to stay. “We are planning to launch new products with this concept and reformat some of our current packaging to smaller sizes,” he says.

Amparo thinks single-dose packaging is more than a passing fad. “Sachet packaging is the foundation that allows for new marketing possibilities in this industry.” He says research and development are key elements for innovation. “Proof of this was the launch of the Cosm’in sachet, winner of the ABRE Award for Brazilian Packaging 2017 in the Packaging Technology category,” he adds. Exclusive to the cosmetic industry, the sachet has a lid that allows the product to be used more than once, avoiding waste and contamination.

Renata Martins


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