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Edition: Brazil
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Minimalist formulas and scalp care products start to gain ground in Brazil

Consumer awareness regarding product formulation and hair care that goes beyond the strands is on the rise.

Hair care routines in Brazil are among the most thorough in the world. According to Euromonitor, Brazil ranks as the second-largest global market for hair care products.

Elizete Garcia, technical coordinator at Extratos da Terra

Elizete Garcia, technical coordinator at Extratos da Terra

Brazilian consumers seek products that help them achieve at home the same results obtained in hair salons. Their awareness is also growing in terms of the ingredients used in product formulation. “Consumers are now more aware than ever and want to know what is inside every product bottle,” says Felipe de Souza Bonella, marketing coordinator at hair care company The Secret.

This type of behavior could explain the growing domestic demand for natural, organic products that are cruelty-free, as well as the increased interest in minimalist formulas. “We have started to notice a trend among manufacturers towards using fewer ingredients in product formulations while maintaining the same results,” says Paulo Sevilha, regional personal care sales and marketing manager at Croda Brasil, the Brazilian subsidiary of the global speciality chemicals company.

Hair care companies have been steadily investing in sulfate-, silicon-, salt- and paraben-free products. Croda’s portfolio includes two new products aligned with this trend. Crodamine SC is a compound with a high concentration of natural ingredients, using the fatty acids naturally found in human hair to promote hair conditioning and an anti-static effect. Versathix claims to provide efficient thickening in traditional and sulfate-free systems with light texture and high stability. On the other end of the production line, The Secret claims that 47% of its products boast the minimum amount of chemical compounds.

Another trend that has been increasingly gaining traction in Brazil is a more holistic approach towards hair care. Consumers are now more attentive to scalp and hair root health, and no longer focus solely on hair strands and their ends. “Scalp products have become mainstream worldwide, especially in Europe. These consist mostly of shampoos, serums and tonics, which either address a specific issue or provide integral care all the way from the roots to the strands, depending on each company’s proposition and positioning,” says Sevilha.

A 2016 Euromonitor survey conducted in Latin America found that Mexico is the sales leader of hair-loss prevention products. In Brazil, sales in this segment are currently statistically insignificant, underlining a great opportunity for introducing new product lines in the country.

This is precisely the market sector that peaked Extratos da Terra’s interest. “We developed the new Terapia Capilar line, which consists of a shampoo, conditioner and tonics that aim to maintain a healthy scalp. We identified an opportunity in the hair-loss sector – which is still largely unexplored in Brazil – and subsequently developed highly efficient products,” says Elizete Garcia, technical coordinator at Extratos da Terra. The Secret also offers solutions that tackle this problem. Its Cresce Cabelo line, which was launched earlier this year, consists of shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and growth tonic.

I believe it is only a matter of time before Brazilian consumers start taking better care of their scalps. That, in turn, will boost the demand for skin care-related products that focus on moisturizing, hydration, anti-aging, hair-loss prevention, protection against external aggressions and microbiome,” says Sevilha.

Within this sector, he also highlights an increased demand for products that promote hair detox, a thorough scalp cleanse to remove residue and impurities. “Consumers want to detox and get rid of all pollution and stress, constantly seeking relaxation and well-being,” Sevilha concludes.

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