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Edition: Brazil
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MakeUp in SaoPaulo: Number of visitors doubled and optimism was in the air

With a number of visitors that doubled, MakeUp in SaoPaulo confirms that its ultra-targeted concept perfectly fits the needs of a mutating Brazilian cosmetics market. Despite the downturn of the country’s economy, participants expressed great optimism for the future of the market.

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The second edition of the MakeUp in SaoPaulo was held on the 8th and 9th of December 2015 at the Centre of Convention Rebouças in São Paulo, Brazil. The 24 exhibitors, specialising in makeup products (packaging, formulations, trends, consumer behaviours), had the opportunity to meet about 1,200 trade visitors, an increase of 100 per cent compared to the previous year, according to the organizers.

"The 2015 edition of MakeUp in SaoPaulo confirms the success of this targeted, specialized and friendly format with Brazilian makeup brands," says Sandra Maguarian, the show director.

The exhibitors that Brazil Beauty News met also expressed their satisfaction. “It is a good show, with a good quality of overall visitors that include several decision-makers. As it is a small event, people have time to come back if you’re busy at their first visit,” said Flavio Unikowsky, Manager Latin America at Cosmogen.

We met our key accounts. The traffic was calm at the beginning, as it is often the case in Brazil, but generally speaking it was very good. This show is very targeted and efficient for us,” added Igor Minetto, Marketing Coordinator at Faber-Castell Cosmetics Brasil.

Focus on innovation

Original uses, new industrial processes, bold designs, innovative formulas... the show was focused on innovation.

In the entrance hall of the event, the Innovation Tree Products presented the most innovative products - selected by the Committee of expert of the IT Products - among the numerous innovations showcased by Adhespack, Baralan, Chromavis, Cosfibel, Cosmogen, Faber-Castell Cosmetics, Intercos, Polychromatic, Sleever International and Strand Cosmetics.

Innovation was clearly highlighted as a key factor of success on the Brazilian makeup market during the round table that closed the show. "We need to invest in innovation to provide our customers with higher quality products," explained Murilo Reggiani, managing partner of Vult Cosmética. "In some cases it is worth the cost investing in imported packaging which, despite their price, can make our products more competitive on the market," he added.

The cost constraint, however, remains very high on this market which remains dominated by mass products. When possible, producing locally is therefore highly recommended. “It is important that most of the supply chain be located in Brazil, so as to avoid problems linked to currency volatility, for instance,” highlighted Maria Paula Fonseca, Global Unit Director Make Up and Skin Care at Natura.

As far as the Granado group is concerned, the opinion is the same. “Brazil is not an easy country for international suppliers but it has a great potential for those that can offer the best quality while keeping costs at a reasonable level. We need partners ready to invest in the long term,” said Nazish Munchenbach, Sales & Marketing Director at Granado.

Surge of optimism

Eventually, despite the economic crisis in Brazil, participants expressed broad optimism regarding the makeup category. Not only because the category is benefiting from the lipstick effect, but more broadly because of a favourable market structure.

Consumption is currently concentrated on the lower prices, but as soon as they can afford it, women buy more expensive products,” explained Mirele Martinez, Brand Manager Make B at Grupo Boticario. “Prices will mechanically increase with the return of economic expansion.

According to Murilo Reggiani: “There are more opportunities than problems in Brazil. The crisis is not in volumes but in profits. The demand for makeup is here!

Vincent Gallon


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