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Launched to compete with foreign products, the biocosmetics brand Riô is planning to open 60 stores of its own within five years

Distributed by Sephora, Riô’s products are manufactured with natural ingredients produced in a lab.

Riô is a Brazilian biocosmetics brand created for consumers who are used to the technology and the efficiency of foreign products. However, Riô has one advantage its competitors do not: its products were developed specifically to meet the needs of Brazilian consumers in their personal care routines.

Brumas moisturize and protect the skin all year long

Brumas moisturize and protect the skin all year long

"Have you ever considered that many foreign cosmetics products might not have the expected effects due to differences such as climate, lifestyle and the types of skin found in Brazil?," asks Pedro Medicis Rocha, Riô’s CEO. "We are a multicultural country, with a multitude of skin tones, skin types and hair types. Other than this diversity, we have to deal with issues from nature that also affect our daily life and our beauty." Constant exposure to the sun, the heat, the wind, the ocean water and even how frequently Brazilians shower were some of the factors considered in creating the company’s "tropical-friendly" concept.

"A shower gel created in Europe is not ideal for people who take two or three showers a day. Our shower gel replaces the lipid layer of the skin, a natural protective layer that we lose when we take too many showers," says Rocha. "An American moisturizer is also not appropriate for the Brazilian summer. That is why our Bruma spray - created to moisturize and protect the skin all year long - is also dry to the touch, refreshing and is easily absorbed by the skin."

Created in collaboration with world-renowned laboratories, Riô’s products are manufactured with natural bioactive ingredients. The raw materials extracted from nature are produced in a lab, a process that is similar to the one of stem cells. "This is extremely safe, as the ingredients are stable, tested and sustainable. They do not depend on extensive monocultures. The ingredients are also more efficient because they only use the molecules that provide the benefits we planned in our formulas," says the technical responsible Sonia Corazza.

The products are all biodegradable and, according to the CEO, free from over 2,000 potentially toxic substances "that are still widely used by the cosmetics industry." Rocha says Riô follows the sustainability and toxicology safety norms established by the American Environmental Working Group (EWG). "Their standards are a lot higher than what Brazilian, and even American, regulatory agencies have."

With an announced investment of R$ 25 million, the brand was launched in December 2018 with 28 skincare and perfumery products in its portfolio. Other than at the brand’s own e-commerce site, the products can be found in Sephora’s stores. "Their clients are demanding and well-informed and, at the moment, they can only find in foreign products the efficiency they are looking for, as well as products that are safe for our health and for the environment," says Rocha.

The partnership with Sephora is long-term and might be expanded to different countries. Riô also has plans to open its own stores. They expect to open 60 stores within five years, beginning in the second half of 2020, when the brand’s portfolio should boast 150 products.

Even though they are planning to expand, the company has no plans to open its own factory, as it currently outsources all of its production. "Our focus is on understanding and meeting the demands of clients that have a tropical, urban and modern lifestyle. Anything that keeps us away from this, like building and managing a factory, is not part of our strategy," says the CEO.

Renata Martins


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