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Is protection the future of nail care?

After having made their way in colour cosmetics, protection claims are now emerging in the nail segment, reveals a recent research from Mintel.

The anti-ageing claims remain relatively untapped in the nail area. Photo: (...)

The anti-ageing claims remain relatively untapped in the nail area. Photo: © Valua_Vitaly / shutterstock.compt_br]Os atributos anti-idade permanecem relativamente inexplorados no segmento de cosméticos para as unhas

Beauty consumers are becoming increasingly concerned over the negative effects of environmental stressors on their appearance and this trend is also impacting colour cosmetics. “Nail brands are therefore exploring new treatment concepts: for instance, overnight nail products, reminiscent of night creams, were launched by Nails Inc in 2016 with the Overnight Detox Mask, and Sally Hansen recommends overnight use with the Moisture Rehab product,” writes Charlotte Libby, in a recent blog post.

Furthermore, according to the market research firm, almost one third of US nail colour users are concerned about chemicals in the products they use. Mintel expects protecting claims such as anti-pollution and UV protection to increase in 2017. In 2016, Nails Inc has already released a range of nail polishes formulated with charcoal to protect nails against pollutants.

However, other trends may also impact nail care in the future. The search for healthy food, for instance, could lead to the apparition of new ingredients inspired from green detox diets such as kale, turmeric, carrots, milk and almond. According to Mintel, there are opportunities for nail polish brands to further promote their superfood ingredients. “Additionally, with the Pantone Colour of the Year 2017 being Greenery, brands can explore green vegetable polishes to match this shade.

Hot on the heels of this trend, in November 2016 French do-it-yourself cosmetics company Aroma-Zone announced the launch of a 100% vegan nail varnish range based on bio-sourced, plant-derived solvents and pigments.

A Nails Inc, por exemplo, lançou em 2016 uma linha de esmaltes formulados (...)

A Nails Inc, por exemplo, lançou em 2016 uma linha de esmaltes formulados com carvão para proteger as unhas contra substâncias poluentes.

The anti-ageing claims remain relatively untapped in the nail area, Mintel points. “Further innovation is needed in colour cosmetics to match the demand from older women. As the population of mature countries across the world ages, nail brands can do more to target senior consumers,” Charlotte Libby writes. However, other claims such as hydrating, strengthening and smoothing may also help to attract both younger and older women while expanding the scope of nail protection.

Last but not least, Mintel also identifies new opportunities in the improvement of nail varnish removal solutions. “Nail polish removal can be harsh on nails and cuticles, therefore innovation to increase nail care benefits of removal can appeal to nail polish users, and encourage more frequent application.

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