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Edition: Brazil
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5cinco, Brazil’s pioneering mini-nail polish brand, celebrates its 50th anniversary with new launches

This medium-sized family company focuses on nail polish in 5ml packaging and colors that match its makeup line.

Luciana Ceccon Bianco, marketing and development director

Luciana Ceccon Bianco, marketing and development director

Brazil has the world’s second largest nail polish market, behind only the United States, reaching around R$ 2 billion a year in revenue, according to Euromonitor figures. Although the market is largely controlled by big players, such as Risqué and Colorama - which are owned by Coty and L’Oréal respectively - estimates put the number of brands that currently sell nail care products in Brazil at upwards of 50, among which is the fifty-year-old company-5cinco.

The company was established in 1969 in the state of Paraná by the Ceccons, a family of chemical engineers. Initially, the company manufactured pharmaceutical chemical products. “As the years went by and the cosmetics industry continued to grow in Brazil, 5cinco opted to switch to this market,” says Luciana Ceccon Bianco, the company’s marketing and development director.

Bianco represents the third generation of the founding family to work in this medium-sized company. She says that ten years after it was established, 5cinco needed to build a bigger manufacturing plant, moving from the state capital of Curitiba to the neighboring city of Colombo, where it is still based to this day.

5cinco eventually settled its focus on nail care. “Our main products are nail polish, nail polish remover and cuticle creams. Together, they account for 70% of our current revenue,” says Bianco. In addition to the traditional 10ml packaging and the 100ml packaging sold for professional use, the brand also highlights its line of mini versions of nail polish, which are sold in 5ml bottles. “We pioneered the packaging and sale of nail polish in this size in Brazil. We believe it results in less leftover, since it ensures better product use and minimizes waste,” she explains.

However, the company’s portfolio has grown as well. “A lot of things change in 50 years, such as behavior and consumer patterns, and even the market itself. These transformations provide us with new directions and require companies in the cosmetics industry to adapt to them,” says Bianco. Today, 5cinco boasts more than 430 items in its portfolio, including cosmetics for body and hair care, a line of products for men and general household and cleaning products in addition to its main line of makeup products. “Our goal with makeup is to match the nail polish colors to the ones used on the face. We really think this is the way to go,” she says.

To celebrate its recent 50-year anniversary, the company launched a new collection of mini-nail polish and eye shadow in 18 different colors chosen by its employees, some of whom have been at the company for 40 years. They also lent their names to these new products. Among them are Daniele green, Guilia gold, Patrícia blue and Tatiane red. They are all metallic, in line with 2019 fall/winter trends. “Colors and quality are always a key success factor, regardless of the season,” says Bianco.

In order to go up against the nail polish industry’s giants in a ‘very competitive market’, Bianco explains the company’s strategy includes participating in beauty events, social media partnerships and advertising, a strong sales strategy that encompasses all of its 20 distributors as well as investment in new technology. “We have automated our entire production process, thus optimizing costs and boosting production levels,” she says. Bianco also points out that technology was essential to ensure a closer relationship with customers and clients alike.

Bianco explains that 5cinco has prepared itself for the next 50 years by keeping up with the industry’s main evolutions and trends, but also admits she is concerned with Brazil’s current situation. “We are hoping Brazil will go back to growing. We are already a leader in the nail polish category. As the economy picks up, consumption and services grow automatically,” she says.

Renata Martins


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