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The make-up sector could be the one most affected by the COVID-19 epidemic in Brazil

A study by Kantar shows that changing habits resulting from social distancing will also affect the market for fragrances, hair care, moisturizers, deodorants and men’s shaving products in Brazil.

Kantar Worldpanel - a leading evidence-based insights and consulting company - has just published a study on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on Brazilian consumer behavior as the nation faces isolation measures established by the Ministry of Health. Among the sectors in the country affected by the pandemic are the cosmetics, personal care and perfumery industries.

Elen Wedemann, managing director at Kantar Brazil

Elen Wedemann, managing director at Kantar Brazil

"Isolation brings significant changes to habits in general", says Elen Wedemann, managing director at Kantar Brazil. In mid-March - at the beginning of the epidemic in Brazil - 42% of Brazilians said that they had changed their daily personal care routines and 78% of people said they were only leaving the house for essential activities, such as buying groceries, going to the pharmacy or to the bank.

"During this time, 23% of people have reported working from home to avoid contamination. This means there are nearly 10 fewer opportunities for personal care in a week, which leads to some sectors being directly affected by the quarantine", says Wedemann. According to her, over a billion personal care procedures are at risk. "We know that 21% of personal care procedures are due to getting ready for work or for school and 4% of them are due to going out to socialize", she says.

The market that will probably be the most negatively affected by social isolation in Brazil is the makeup sector. "Personal care and female beauty routines are significantly more affected than male routines", says Wedemann. According to the study - in the category of personal care for women - 15 sectors could be affected, while in the male category only seven would face challenges.

Following the makeup sector, products for bath and hair care would be the most affected. "People who stay at home wash their hair 8% less", says Wedemann. The market for fragrances, facial/body moisturizers and deodorants would follow. "The consumption for these categories is also at risk, as 40% of the opportunities to use deodorants in Brazil are related to going to work or to school”.

Sectors focused on the male market could also be affected by the quarantine. "Changes in habits related to beard care are very relevant, as 32% of men say they only shave daily for professional reasons", says the managing director. When represented by numbers, this could mean 21 million fewer occasions in which people use beard care products. Shaving razors alone could see a 12% drop in use.

Many Brazilians have also decided to shave off their beards during the pandemic. Even though official health organizations have not made any recommendation, virologists suggest shaving as a hygiene measure to avoid contamination.
Amid this critical situation, some categories of personal care products could see completely different results, which is the case for soaps. According to Kantar’s study, soap consumption - which is usually stable - saw a 6% increase in this period. Hand moisturizers are also going through a good period during the pandemic. "Among people interviewed, 26% have said they feel their hands are dry after washing them", says Wedemann.

Even though Brazil is the second most concerned country about COVID-19 - 60% of Brazilians were worried about the virus as of March 16th, behind only China - the study shows that the impact on the personal care industry could be short term. The expectations for economic growth in Brazil during 2021 remain unaltered.

Renata Martins

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