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Make-up for kids is Brinquedos Estrela’s latest bet with new business venture

Traditional Brazilian toy manufacturer opens “Estrela Beauty” stores to launch the concept of “pretend make-up”.

Estrela Brinquedos, with its experience of over 80 years in the toy industry, is now investing in a new segment: make-up for kids. The company seeks to expand the brand’s relationship with its audience, especially girls above the age of 10, who are slowly moving away from playing with dolls and becoming interested in the beauty industry.

Estrela Beauty store

Estrela Beauty store

Since 1937, we have been developing products that help kids experience fantasy and dream worlds. During this process, it became clear that make-up was extremely sought after by children, and that was our main reason for developing this line,” said Carlos Tilkian, CEO at Brinquedos Estrela.

Unlike its board games, dolls and toy cars - which are sold in regular retail and toy stores - Estrela created its first branded stores to sell its line of cosmetics for kids and promote the idea of “pretend make-up”. Estrela Beauty stores were designed to look like make-up studios, with lots of kid-sized mirrors and furniture to cater to their younger clientele, who have free reign to experiment and mix up different colors of eye shadow, nail polish and lipstick from a portfolio currently consisting of more than 50 different items.

Our main concern was to promote this line’s innovative concept and, in particular, to provide a unique opportunity for kids to experiment with our products. Since this would be very difficult to do in a conventional cosmetics store, we decided to invest in opening our own stores,” said Tilkian. “This way, kids will receive the instructions required to understand that this make-up is for pretend-purposes only, which will in turn boost their self-esteem in a playful and simple manner.” Packaging includes messages that seek to inspire and empower girls, such as “The best eye shadow is a twinkle in your eye” or “You know what makes your lip gloss look beautiful? You!”.

The project was first conceived about three years ago and since then the company has spent a lot of time conducting research with children, mothers and psychologists, according to its CEO. Additionally, this period served to make sure that all products comply with ANVISA’s (Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency) regulatory requirements. All products are dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and have not been tested on animals.

Parents are always more careful when it comes to buying products for their children and this also applies to make-up,” said Vanessa Machado, manager of the kids and teenagers care product lines at O Boticário. Currently, the company has two lines that offer make-up products – Sophie, for girls up to the age of 11, and Capricho, for girls 12 years old and older.

The customers who buy products from our Capricho and Sophie lines are girls that are already into beauty and are interested in wearing make-up, but their tastes and desires are still very different from adult women,” says Machado. “We created items that are appropriate for each age group, while also choosing the colors and finishes that best suit them,” she says.

Estrela Beauty has already opened two stores in two different shopping malls in São Paulo, with a third store scheduled to open before the end of the year. “The project reached maturity at a time when the Brazilian economy and the country’s overall outlook were not doing well. However, we truly believe in this concept, so we decided to go ahead with the project anyway, and it turned out to be extremely successful,” says Tilkian.

The children’s personal care, fragrances and cosmetics sector is one of the fastest growing markets in Brazil. A recent Euromonitor survey showed 45.6% growth in this sector in Brazil between 2011 and 2016. Sales figures are around R$ 4 billion a year, excluding disposable diapers.

Tilkian says 2019 will see the opening of new stores in other Brazilian state capitals and even abroad. “We have expansion plans that include stores across the country and also in Paraguay. We are currently assessing whether it is best to carry out this expansion through franchising or if it is better to continue opening our own stores,” he says.

Renata Martins


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