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“Cosmetics customization is a promising market,” Renata Oki, BASF

The multinational chemical company has recently announced a partnership with the French company B2B to boost systems that customize the manufacturing of personal care products.

In 2012, Brazilian artist and photographer Angélica Dass started the Humanae project, which quickly became known as the Human Pantone® project. So far, she has already matched the portraits of 4,000 people from 18 countries with colors from the Pantone® catalogue, and her work is ongoing.

Renata Oki, personal care manager at BASF in Latin America

Renata Oki, personal care manager at BASF in Latin America

Skin tones are not the only way to differentiate between skin types. Skin can also be categorized in terms of being normal, dry, oily or combination. The same goes for hair types. In light of the ever-expanding diversity of its audience, the cosmetics industry now seeks to increasingly meet consumers’ demands in a personalized way. “Cosmetics customization is a trend currently observed all over the world,” says Renata Oki, personal care manager at BASF in Latin America.

The German chemical company, the global leader of its industry, has just joined forces with French company B2B Cosmetics to take the next step towards the customization of personal care products. BASF will invest in the customization system created and patented by B2B, called Emuage.

BASF has been looking into different solutions to enable the manufacture of customized products, and has found an excellent system in Emuage,” says Oki. “It’s an innovative solution that is at the same time as easy to operate as a coffee maker. All it takes is putting a little bit of water in and then inserting three different pods into the machine, each containing a different kind of element – texture, active ingredient and fragrance.

Oki explains that the final product – which can range from haircare and skincare products to sunscreen, for instance – is prepared directly in the bottle that clients will take home, meaning there is no need to clean the machine either before of after it is used. Oki also says that the system complies with all hygiene standards applicable to cosmetics manufacturing.

According to her, this partnership combines the interdisciplinary expertise of the two companies. Grégoire Tutenuit, a chemical engineer and CEO at B2B Cosmetics, said that his five-year-old company will benefit from BASF’s experience and the cutting-edge ingredients used in the formulation of personal care products.

This cooperation will allow us to establish and commercialize our proprietary technology and device,” says Tutenuit. The Emuage system has won the “Innovation Award” at the Consumers Electronics Show (CES) for two consecutive years.

Emuage, customization system created by B2B

Emuage, customization system created by B2B

The commercial model has not yet been presented by the companies, but they have provided assurances that it will be made available before the end of the year. “B2B and BASF will roll out this new technology in different countries and with different plans in 2019,” says Oki. Brazil is included in their business plan, but a precise launch date has not yet been set.

Although it is still in its early stages, “Cosmetics customization is a promising market,” says Oki. “Today, digitalization and technology help companies to better understand what consumers want, so that they can offer them increasingly personalized solutions that meet their needs.

In order to promote continuous innovation, BASF has also recently launched a collaborative space in its personal and home care labs located in São Paulo, Brazil. Known as Onono, this space is open to clients and partners and is part of BASF’s Center for Science and Digital Experiments (Centro de Experiências Científicas e Digitais da BASF). With the goal of ensuring knowledge exchange between a variety of professionals, the Center promotes the joint creation of new solutions that cater to global trends and consumers’ desires, from formula development to concept validation in consumer markets.

Renata Martins

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