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C&A starts selling cosmetics to become a one-stop-shop

Dedicated areas inside the fashion retailer’s renovated stores will sell perfumes, make-up and personal care items from large beauty labels.

Fashion and beauty are two things that always go together. Chanel, Dior, Giorgio Armani and Givency are just a few examples of fashion labels that also produce cosmetics. Alongside them are the large fashion retailers that have increasingly been making room in their stores to sell beauty products as well.

Francislei Donatti, vice-president at C&A Brazil

Francislei Donatti, vice-president at C&A Brazil

In Brazil, fast fashion chains Renner and Riachuelo have already waded into the competitive market of cosmetics. And now C&A is joining them. With about 280 stores across Brazil, this Dutch chain drew inspiration from the “one-stop-shop” concept to create a special area in its stores dedicated to selling beauty products.

The idea behind C&A investing in a dedicated beauty department is to provide consumers with a quick and complete shopping experience, with a wide range of products available in one single place” says Francislei Donatti, vice-president at C&A Brazil. “Now, it is possible to leave one of our stores with an entire look ready to wear, from clothes to shoes and accessories, as well as make-up and perfume.

To start things off, the retail giant formed partnerships with cosmetics heavy-weights, both from Brazil and abroad, such as Carolina Herrera, Calvin Klein, Lâncome, L’Oréal, L’Occitane and Phytoderm. “These brands will help us round out our one-stop-shop offer, by making the most of our customers’ time,” says Donatti.

According to him, C&A’s portfolio already boasts products from over 50 different brands, with a vast array of make-up, fragrances, bath, skincare and haircare products. “C&A is a very diverse brand, which caters to all types of consumers equally. Therefore, we choose our partners very carefully, to meet all their needs and demands with the finest products on offer in the cosmetics industry.

The launch of C&A’s new beauty department was held in two stores in São Paulo (at shopping malls Center Norte and Interlagos), which were remodelled in line with the chain’s new strategy for Brazil. According to the company, the new stores are minimalist and intuitive, with a new layout where strategic products are the main features. The new stores also have digital corners where clients can buy products through C&A’s e-commerce platform. Combining physical and digital experiences in one location is another very hot trend among Brazilian fashion retailers.

C&A’s beauty departments will have their own cashier counters, in order to speed up the purchase of cosmetics and avoid long lines at the stores. Also, all stores, regardless of their location, will carry exactly the same product selection. According to the retailer, the new beauty product portfolio will not be available online.

Donatti explains that C&A does not divulge strategic information, since they are a private company, but that “investments made into stores have gone up because of the renovations.” He declined to specify any figures, saying only that the expansion plan to equip all stores with beauty departments is underway.

We have been focusing on enhancing clients’ experience in all our stores, as well as on opening new stores with brand new concepts,” says Donatti. “By featuring high-end products and services, we will be able to hold on to our position in the Brazilian fashion retail market, which has been consolidated over the more than 40 years that C&A has been in the country. This will ensure an enduring bond with customers,” he added.

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