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Edition: Brazil
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Beauty and health: What products and services are Colombians looking for?

A recent survey from online retailer Groupon analysed what products and services are the most sought by Colombians in the beauty and wellness categories.

Gyms - Physical condition is one of the biggest concerns of Colombians. According to Groupon, gym deals for subscriptions to local fitness chains such as Spinning Center, SmartFit and Hardbody are widely accepted, along with gym machines and accessories.

Facial cleansing and care - Face and skin care is another of the main concerns of Colombians. The most searched products in this category include vibratory facial massages and masks. As far as services are concerned, facial cleansings and invasive facial treatments, such as Botox or Platelet Rich Plasma, stand out.

Hairdressers - Hair care also occupies an important place in the beauty habits of Colombians. Keratin and straightening are the most sought after hair treatments.

Depilation - Colombians opt for diode treatments and IPL technologies. Epilators for face and for the legs, and eyebrow trimmers are the products they prefer.

Fat reduction - Equipment for passive gymnastics and invasive treatments such as carboxytherapy, lymphatic drainage and ultrasound cavitation are the main options.

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