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“Alphabet trend” is taking the haircare world by storm

Haircare products such as BB creams and CC creams are gaining space in the market; these products are practical and effective, offering a wide range of benefits with just one formula.

Multipurpose cosmetics are no longer confined to the realm of skincare. From 2012, this sector quickly began to incorporate BB creams, coming out with facial care products that quickly gained a massive following by promising results such as moisturizing, concealing imperfections and seamless skin tone. As a result, CC creams, DD creams and even ZZ creams can now be found on shelves everywhere. It is therefore no surprise that the “Alphabet Trend” soon took the haircare sector by storm as well.

Flavia Zanella, marketing coordinator at Croda

Flavia Zanella, marketing coordinator at Croda

Flavia Zanella, marketing coordinator for the personal care department at Croda in Latin America, singles out three main reasons behind the phenomenon of multipurpose cosmetics. First, environmental concerns have led to conscious consumerism, waste reduction and the sparing of natural resources, such as water and energy; Second, technological advances have completely upended market conditions and continue to change people’s lives on a daily basis; and third, Brazil’s lumbering economy has forced consumers to rethink their purchasing habits, severely affecting the cosmetics industry.

These three factors contributed to the rise of the so-called “convenience trend”, which in turn boosted the interest in and development of multipurpose products, both by manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials,” said Zanella.

For customers, the appeal comes from the products efficiency and the results promised. “People are increasingly looking for multipurpose products that can make their already very busy lives easier, without compromising on efficacy,” says Luciano Faria, project manager at Lacan. To meet this growing market demand, haircare company Lacan launched not just one product, but rather an entire line of multipurpose products, called BB Cream Excellence. “Our goal is to offer our Brazilian customers a full range of products that address all types of haircare needs.

Promising results such as moisturizing, repairing, untangling, UV protection and color protection, multipurpose products can be applied to wet or dry hair and, depending on the formula and hair type, they can be used as a hair mask, leave-in or conditioner.

Often, these products offer multiple benefits thanks to the multifunctional raw materials used in their composition,” says Zanella. She offers as an example one active ingredient that forms a protective layer over hair strands, sealing off their cuticles. “This ingredient smooths out strand surfaces, resulting in less frizz, easier combing, more shine, and smoother and healthier-looking hair. So in this case one single active ingredient is both efficient and effective, yielding a product with multiple applications that is sure to please customers.

However, even though multipurpose products are more practical and versatile, with one product combining the benefits of several others, there may be concerns about whether the results are merely superficial. For Kamila Fonseca, from Salon Line, these products are exactly as good as they seem. “These cosmetics are developed in such a way that all the results promised are actually delivered, ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction,” says Fonseca, a marketing manager at Salon Line, whose portfolio includes the finishing CC Cream Maria Natureza.

Giselle Canavaci, product manager at Dermage, believes “everything hangs on the combination of active ingredients to enhance the proposed benefits.” Dermage, a cosmetics company that already produces multipurpose facial products, recently launched a BB Cream specifically for hair, and says it will launch more products in this sector. “We will soon launch BB Oil, a multipurpose oil for hair, face and body,” she says.

It would seem the ‘Alphabet Trend’ is here to stay. “Multipurpose products are on track to become a market staple because they meet different customer demands, such as practicality, efficacy, and results, all in just one product,” says Flavia Zanella.

Renata Martins


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