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A Japanese market leader in makeup removers and sunscreens, Bioré wants to expand its presence in Brazil

The brand - which is exclusively distributed by drugstore chain Raia Drogasil – plans to reach 500 stores this year, growing by over 300%.

Launched in Japan in 1980, Bioré is a skincare brand leading the market of makeup removers and sunscreens in the country. It is part of the Kao Corporation group and can be found in 60 countries, including Brazil where it arrived at the end of 2017. According to Euromonitor, Brazil has the second biggest market for sunscreens and the eighth biggest market for skincare products, making the country a focal point for Bioré.

Kuniaki Sasaoka, general manager at Mitsui & Co

Kuniaki Sasaoka, general manager at Mitsui & Co

During our research we found that the biggest difference between Brazil and other developing countries is the high rate of spending on beauty products when compared to family income,” says Kuniaki Sasaoka, general manager of the chemistry department at Mitsui & Co, which represents the Japanese brand in Brazil. “Brazilian consumers spend three times more on cosmetic products than the Russian and the Chinese and six times more than the Indians.

To enter the Brazilian Market, Bioré decided to begin selling in drugstores, establishing an exclusive partnership with the chain Raia Drogasil. “Drugstores changed drastically in the last few years. They are no longer places where people only go to buy medicines, but attractive beauty shops with a large range of cosmetic products,” says Sasaoka. “This path to consumers has been growing rapidly in Brazil and we believe it is the best suited to sell our products.

The first items the brand introduced to Brazil were makeup removers. The product can be found as a cleansing oil, a cleansing gel, a serum or a wet wipe. “We discovered a lot from consumer polls. Brazilians are more familiar with no-rinse makeup removers and they say that their skin felt oily after removing the makeup. A lot of them would wash their faces to remove the product,” says Sasaoka. “We proposed to make this routine simpler with the next generation of makeup removers, which can be used in the shower.

A facial soap was also part of the brand’s portfolio and was available in 45 Raia Drogasil stores in São Paulo. “Even though we saw an opportunity there, we were worried about the supply chain, which includes national logistics and imports, as well as the complicated tax system between Brazilian states. So we decided to begin with a few stores and gradually expand,” says Sasaoka.

The trial worked and a year later Bioré began to import three sunscreen products to Brazil, increasing its distribution to 150 points of sale, including Rio de Janeiro.

Bioré’s solar line promises to leave the skin feeling dry, answering one of the main complaints from consumers: oily skin after using these types of products. “The marketing communication for our sunscreens is focused on its unique feeling, which offers UVA and UVB protection with a light texture that is not sticky, so Brazilians can use it every day,” says Sasaoka.

According to Sasaoka, Bioré’s biggest challenge is to show the Brazilian audience the benefits of its products and introduce the most modern technology in skincare and high quality raw materials, developed in Japan. But he is confident based how consumers have responded. “Women who have tried our products said they never thought makeup removers and sunscreens could be different than what they already knew. Others have said they hadn’t seen a lot of innovation in these categories in the last few years in Brazil.

For 2019, the brand is planning new launches in Brazil and the expansion to 500 stores of the drugstore chain. “We want to be present in the states of the South region and Northeast.” Raia Drogasil currently has 1,800 stores in Brazil.

Renata Martins


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