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Edition: Brazil
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L’Oréal launches new Elseve line designed for Brazilian with curly hair

Óleo Extraordinário Cachos (Extraordinary Oil for Curls), the L’Oréal Paris Elseve brand’s latest innovation, brings to Brazilian consumers a new formula deisgned to care curly hair.

About 45% of Brazilian women have curly hair and, according to a survey conducted by the brand, they use 22% more haircare treatments than women who have straight hair, as they consider that the wavier hair fibres are, the more specific care they need. The new Elseve line features coconut oil in its ingredient list, as well as a cocktail of six flower oils, in order to meet the demand of Brazilian women for hydration and nutrition of hair fibres.

The Óleo Extraordinário Cachos line was launched in the Research and (...)

The Óleo Extraordinário Cachos line was launched in the Research and Innovation Centre of L’Oréal Brasil and was attended by the brand’s spokespersons Taís Araújo, Érika Januza, Nathalie Barros and Raissa Santana

The official launch was held on February 22 at L’Oréal Brasil’s Centre for Research and Innovation. L’Oréal Paris spokespersons Taís Araújo, Érika Januza, Nathalie Barros and Raissa Santana, Miss Brazil 2016, participated in the event, which presented all the details of the line to journalists and digital influencers.

The Óleo Extraordinário Cachos line consists of a shampoo, a conditioner, a moisturizing mask, a combing cream and an oil - the products are free from ingredients such as parabens and silicones.

"The new line meets three major trends observed by Elseve in the Brazilian market among consumers with curly hair: coconut oil, moisturizing (treatment is based on vegetable oils) as an ally in the hydration and nutrition of hair fibres and products with results lasting until the day after application, which was a frequent concern for this profile. The products we deliver to them are an epitome of the Brazilian diversity," said Renata Guberfain, Product Group Manager.


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