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Ewoé microfranchise combines mobile hair services and direct sales of products from salon chain Soho

Launched in 2017, the company has resellers throughout Latin America and Europe and expects to end the year with a thousand franchisees.

The recent economic downturn in Brazil and the subsequent increase in unemployment were the driving forces behind the opening of mobile hair services microfranchise Ewoé.

Selene Ferreira, CEO at Ewoé

Selene Ferreira, CEO at Ewoé

I was looking for a way to create a direct sales strategy targeted at services, as well as bringing a business opportunity for women who are passionate about the beauty industry and are looking for quick return on investment,” says founder of Ewoé, Selene Ferreira. She invested $50,000 in opening up the company and established a partnership with Soho salon chain. In addition to providing training to Ewoé’s franchisees, Soho also supplies them with its own-brand products for professional use and home care at cost price.

We approached Soho because we are true admirers of the brand and were confident that this partnership would bring benefits to both parties,” says Ferreira. “That’s the way we found to start off Ewoé with high quality products and techniques that were already internationally recognized. On the other hand, Soho gained the opportunity to have its products delivered to our clients’ homes, both in Brazil and abroad.” She says that the main advantage for clients is the ability to receive professional hair services – which “used to be a luxury reserved for upper-class customers” – at the comfort of their homes and pay up to 70% less.

The Ewoé franchisee doesn’t need to be a qualified hair stylist. Training provided by the Soho Academy gives them the skills required to assess the hair condition, learn about the products and consult on topics such as restoring the hair’s moisture and shine and reducing the frizz. “Our goal at Ewoé is not to train hairdressers, but to create specialists in the hair treatments we offer. We do not work with any products that involve chemical processes or that require specific qualifications,” says Ferreira. However, she says that many of the franchisees already worked at the beauty industry when they decided to take on this new role and were “often disappointed with the market or in search of a new career challenge.

To join the Ewoé team, franchisees must fund their training – at a cost of R$ 250 per technique – and purchase a Soho Guenki product kit ranging from R$ 320 (for those who choose to work with the hair smoothing treatment) to R$ 2,300 (for those who also plan to resell home care products to their clients). The brand estimates monthly revenues can reach R$ 15,000. “We have a wide variety of product kits to suit all women with an entrepreneurial spirit,” says Ferreira,

Ewoé also offers free advice on business management and sales strategies as well as supporting materials, but it is up to the franchisees to promote their services and build their client portfolio. “We are working on an app to allow for clients to easily find their closest franchisee,” anticipates Ferriera.

In the first three months of operation, Ewoé accounted for more than 50 franchisees serving 60 clients per month each. Currently, there are 78 franchisees spread throughout Brazil, other Latin American countries and even Europe. “I have not heard of any business models like ours in the world. I believe this is the reason we already have an international presence,” she claims. “By the end of the year, we hope to have 1000 franchisees in the Ewoé team.

Renata Martins


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