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Croda to dedicate a sales team to the southern states of Brazil

Brazil is a huge market and a huge country that requires adapting the sales network to its size. Thus, considering the growth of the cosmetics market in the southern states of Brazil, Croda - one of the world’s leading suppliers of raw materials for the personal care industry - has announced the implementation in 2016 of sales staff dedicated to this region.

Croda supplies speciality raw materials for the personal care industry, (...)

Croda supplies speciality raw materials for the personal care industry, including the skincare, sun care, hair care makeup and toiletries markets.

"This deployment, which was scheduled for a while, aims to establish closer links with Croda’s customers so as we can provide them with products and projects that suit their specific needs and the needs of their own customers. Another very important goal is to continue expanding our customer base in one of the country’s fastest growing markets," said Simone Elias, Personal Care Country Sales Manager at Croda.

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