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Edition: Brazil
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“Competition leads us to evolve”, Renato Massara, Wheaton Brasil

The year 2014 was not an easy one for the Brazilian packaging industry. Latest data from ABRE (Brazilian Packaging Association) shows that most packaging materials, with the exception of metals, have seen a decline in the first half, compared to the same period in 2013. Plastic packaging, for instance, recorded a fall of 1.39%, while glass packaging dropped 1.17%.

Renato Massara, sales director at Wheaton Brasil

Renato Massara, sales director at Wheaton Brasil

Despite the segment’s weak performance, Brazil did not fail to attract international companies willing to invest high sums in this industry. The latest example is Mexican company Vitro, a leading manufacturer of glass packaging in Latin America, which in September 2014 announced investments of R$ 90 million in setting up its first plant in Brazil.

Does the prospect of increased competition deter companies that are already well established in the market? Wheaton Brasil’s sales director, Renato Massara, says no. The company remains among the largest suppliers of glass bottles for the perfume, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, and was one of the winners of the Great Packaging Cases Award 2014 with Natura’s fragrance #urbano. In this interview for Brazil Beauty News, Massara analyses the Brazilian scenario, comments on market trends and makes projections for 2015.

Brazil Beauty News - How was the year 2014 for Wheaton Brasil in terms of new products and technologies?

Renato Massara - Wheaton presented new decoration processes and launched new bottles for our standard range. In line with the latest fashion and perfumery trends, we have developed a wide color palate for brilliant organic painting, both opaque and transparent, for 2015. Among the new decoration processes in glass bottles, I can highlight the vertical gradient painting, four-color gradient painting, mirrored silkscreen and thermosensitive painting.

Brazil Beauty News - What are the trends currently shaping the packaging segment in the perfumery and cosmetic industry?

Renato Massara - In beauty, as well as in fashion, trends come and go. Many of them coexist and it all depends on the ability to understand the brand’s concept and the consumer habits. Currently, there is room for clean design proposals, which value simplicity, and also for complex shapes, with extravagant decorations that refer to luxury and opulence.

Brazil Beauty News - 2014 saw the entry of major international players in the Brazilian industry. What does it take to thrive in an increasingly competitive scenario?

Renato Massara - Today, Brazil is one of the leading fragrance markets worldwide and this is constantly encouraging new companies to invest in the country, which is a good thing. The more companies join the supply chain, the more new people will come over to produce. Brazil is more and more consolidated as an important cosmetic destination. Whoever is looking for different options in packaging, glass bottles and lids, will find them here. Competition leads us to evolve.

Brazil Beauty News - Wheaton Brazil has recently won the Great Packaging Cases Award with Natura’s #urbano fragrance. What innovations does this packaging concept present to the industry?

Renato Massara - #urbano was inspired by the street art of major Brazilian cities. The fragrance has four different designs on the bottles – created by graffiti artists Izu, Paulo Ito and Does – so that customers can create their personal collection. The name of the fragrance is embossed on the bottle and the label, printed on both sides, creates a “lens” effect. A small round window on the cardboard packaging shows a sneak peek of the label. But only when the customer opens the box, they will discover which design they purchased.

Brazil Beauty News - What are the company’s investment plans for 2015?

Renato Massara - We invested around R$ 50 million in the last five years and our projection is to invest another R$ 28 million in 2015.

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