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Edition: Brazil
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Aptar reveals packaging trends that will drive the market for sunscreen products in 2017

US-based solution partner of packaging delivery systems to the beauty, personal care and home care markets, Aptar Beauty + Home, has shared some of the packaging trends that are expected to shape the market for sunscreen products in 2017.

The company highlights the Bag On Valve (BoV) technology, an airless one-way valve system that provides ultimate product preservation and claims to ensure formulation purity. It also aims to improve customer experience with its 360o continuous spray.

In 2016, the Brazilian market saw the Proteo 50ml portable satchel as a trial run. This dispensing concept was developed in Brazil and introduced during the Olympic Games. A study conducted by Aptar showed consumers prefer larger packaging to keep at home and smaller, portable versions of the same product to carry around.

GS Affinity pump prototype

GS Affinity pump prototype

Proteo is a lightweight, flexible and transportable packaging that fits in tight spaces and allows for easy and complete emptying of products such as sunscreens. The satchel has emerged as a sustainable option, with lower storage and shipping costs due to its compact size. It also helps reduce the carbon footprint throughout the product life cycle.

Proteo’s design aims at ease of use and its dispenser fitment format makes it easy to open and close. Aptar highlights its ability to serve different promotional purposes, including point of purchase displays, sampling and merchandising.

Another trend listed by the company is the GS lotion pump. Its module provides endless aesthetic options and features a lock-up design with free spinning closure to allow for easy transport.

EuroMist prototype

EuroMist prototype

Aptar’s EuroMist fine mist pump system should also stand among the top-selling options for hair sprays, body sprays and sun care products. The packaging suits different applications, offering consistent dosage to highly viscous formulas.

Aptar has three plants in Brazil, in the cities of Cajamar and Jundiaí, in São Paulo, and Maringá, in Paraná. The company is headquartered in Illinois, US.

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