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Shiseido jumps on the personalized beauty bandwagon with new IOT skincare system

Shiseido has developed a new skincare personalization system, called “Optune,” consisting in an IoT [1] skincare system using a special machine backed up by algorithms designed to satisfy skincare needs in real time.

“Optune zero” is a connected device that interacts with the “Optune App” via (...)

“Optune zero” is a connected device that interacts with the “Optune App” via the cloud.

The device, “Optune zero”, interacts with the dedicated “Optune App” [2] via the cloud. The “Optune App” analyses consumers’ skin condition such as texture, pores, and moisture content, simply through a photo of one’s skin taken with a smartphone. The system collects and analyzes various data, including skin data measured by the App, but also environmental data such as temperature and humidity, and data relating to menstrual cycle, mood, and condition. The app couples and analyses the data through algorithms developed by Shiseido. Results are sent to the machine which identifies the best serum and moisturizer combination that suits the present conditions. The result is the “Optune Shot”, a tailor-made skincare product filled in a cartridge set in the machine.

The “Optune App” is only available to consumers who have purchased the (...)

The “Optune App” is only available to consumers who have purchased the “Optune” system.

According to Shiseido, the app will keep a record of the consumers’ skin condition, changes in environmental factors, so that they can review their skin information anytime, anywhere.

The system’s β version will be set up for a test sale in Japan beginning in the spring of 2018 through Shiseido’s beauty website, with the goal of prompt full-scale subsequent introduction. The details of the β version sale will be announced on the “Optune” brand website in mid-January 2018.


[1IoT stands for Internet of Things. It is a collective term for new services, business models, or element technologies that can be realized by connecting everything through the Internet.

[2Only consumers who have purchased the “Optune” system can download the application.

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