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Edition: Brazil
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Makeup in Sao Paulo builds on the success of the first edition

The second edition of MakeUp in Sao Paulo is set to be red hot with all participants to the first edition taking part again to the forthcoming edition on December 8 and 9, but several new exhibitors having also decided to join in, among which, the Ipel/Qualipac , Schwan Cosmetics, Cosmogen, Adhespack, Cosfibel companies. With more registrations that have been received this month and are being finalized, the organisers expect the number of exhibitors to increase more than 30%, compared to last year.

The first edition of MakeUp in Sao Paulo, which was held on 03-04 December (...)

The first edition of MakeUp in Sao Paulo, which was held on 03-04 December 2014, gathered more than 600 visitors.

Premium Beauty News - In a little more than three months will open the second edition of MakeUp in Sao Paulo. A much awaited event by the whole Brazilian cosmetics industry!

Sandra Maguarian - Absolutely! The message that was passed on to cosmetics suppliers at the conference dedicated to Brazil, last June at MakeUp in Paris, by Mrs Nazish Munchenbach of Granado, Mrs Vanessa Machado of Quem Disse Berenice (O Boticario Group) and Mrs Maria Paula Fonseca of Natura, was clear: “Come over, we need you!”

Remember also comments at the close of the first edition. Among the exhibitors, Arcade / Bioplan, Topline Products, Oxygen Development, Fiabila, Strand Cosmetics Europe, Faber-Castell, Geka-World, for instance, praised the high quality of the event. As far as visitors were concerned, we also received very good feedbacks from brands such as MakeB (Boticario Group) and Granado.

Premium Beauty News - Despite a difficult economic context, analysts appear to agree that Brazil remains a country with a high potential for the cosmetics industry. What is your opinion on this?

Jean-Yves Bourgeois - Rather than engage in a hasty global strategy, Brazilian brands prefer to be part of this local growth and consolidate their position challenged by a stimulating international presence. A challenge, which they know is determined by innovation and the integration of technologies coming from all industry partners.

Brazil has managed to become in a few years one of the world leaders in many Beauty segments. And the general economic downturn currently occurring after 30 years of continuous growth allows in fact to reflect on the longer-term taking into account the positive indicators and the emergence of new trends.

Third largest cosmetics market after the United States and China, Brazil represents 9.4% of the world consumption of cosmetics and ranks first in the segments of Deodorants, Perfumes and Sun care products. Despite the apparent weakening of the Brazilian economy, the beauty and personal care markets seem to be playing their card better than most of other segments of the economy. Cosmetics are the country’s most dynamic sector with a growth 3 times higher than the country’s GDP.

In the health, perfumes and cosmetics sector (HPC), the make-up category continues to rank third in the world’s consumption, representing 7.7% of Brazil’s cosmetics market with a homogeneous distribution of subcategories (nails 28%, lips 24%, face 24% and eyes 24%). 32% of Brazilian women regularly wear make-up.

Premium Beauty News - Another key point, the distribution of cosmetics which was the exclusive preserves of "door to door" sales is changing!

Jean-Yves Bourgeois - If direct selling remains the most widespread distribution model in Brazil, the development of infrastructures, the growing number of sales channels and the challenge offered by a growing pack of international competitors open today new opportunities and determine future issues.

The discovery of the variety of make-up products is new to the Brazilian woman who still has simple consumption needs. The percentage of sales is lower than in other countries and often limited to lipstick, nail polish and mascara. This suggests an interesting potential for growth, provided however the consumer is offered a larger universe to discover.

The attractiveness of Brazil has opened the cosmetics and make-up market to a varied and growing international competition. With 8% of imported products, the hegemony of local players does not seem however to be threatened for the moment, although the market share of subsidiaries of international companies producing in the country, should also be taken into account. Yet, the arrival of new competitors, has prompted Brazilian companies to react.

The arrival of international brands was an opportunity to take inspiration and improve. Competition pushes local companies to step out of their comfort zone to give the consumer the choice of quality and creativity can only be a source of growth, they emphasize. The variety of the offer and novelty helping to educate the market, particularly that of make-up, generate a positive effect.

While the influence of established international service providers can already be felt, each brand operating on the market calls for more options.


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