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Edition: Brazil
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Online retail offers small and medium-sized companies a competitive advantage

With an eye on the growth of online sales in Brazil, beauty boutique BeautyList invests in unique products, selected brands and personalized recommendation to expand its e-commerce platform.

BeautyList's homepage

BeautyList’s homepage

Brazilian e-commerce continues to be on the rise. The latest figures from E-bit show that online sales expanded by 24% in 2014, recording revenues of R$35.8 billion. More than 61 million people have made at least one online purchase, and women are responsible for 57% of consumption – 39% of whom are aged between 35 and 49.

The category of cosmetics, perfumes and health items occupies the second place in online retail, with a share of 17.4% – only 0.1% lower than the winner segment, fashion and accessories. Customers regard factors such as convenience, ease of access outside the large urban centers, competitive prices and the variety of products available as the key appeals of online shopping.

Once the issues with their main sales channels were resolved, giants such as Natura, Avon, Grupo Boticário and P&G launched – or relaunched – their e-commerce platforms in recent years. However, the internet is a democratic space par excellence, which translates into competitive advantages for small and medium-size companies that have less bureaucratic operations and are more flexible in adapting to the digital reality. Online retail has made it simpler and more affordable to create and run a business without the need for heavy investments in infrastructure and technology.

The web environment allows niche companies operating within the beauty boutique concept to feel positive about the outlook for operations,” says beauty and wellbeing executive Maria Fernanda Braga, who created and launched the e-commerce website BeautyList along with entrepreneur Julia Loyola. The business got underway in September 2014, with a selection of dermocosmetics, makeup and beauty accessories of more than 30 imported brands including ArtDeco, Avéne, Bourjois, Institut Arnaud, Keune and Nuxe. Besides the online shop, the company also has a physical store in the city of Curitiba.

Maria Fernanda Braga and Julia Loyola, founders of BeautyList

Maria Fernanda Braga and Julia Loyola, founders of BeautyList

We believe in the omnichannel concept, in which it is possible to operate in a number of channels with connections at each contact point with the customer,” says Loyola. She points to the fact that even the most experienced consumers often find it hard to pick the right products for their needs when faced with the large number of items offered by the main players. “All products available on BeautyList have been carefully selected by us, which allows our customers to feel more at ease at the moment of purchase.

Besides a fine selection of international brands, BeautyList also has its own range: the BeautyList Collection. Developed in France, the line includes a bio cellulose collagen mask and an eye contour patch. “Our aim is to expand the BeautyList Collection with body care and makeup products, as well as limited edition and seasonal items,” says Braga.

Known as the essential business tool for direct sales, the personalized recommendation of products has also proven to be important for e-commerce. Through its Beauty Quiz section, BeautyList offers beauty tips, selected samples and exclusive offers. “We believe there is no longer a need for the physical presence of a beauty consultant for a proper and efficient sale. Our goal is to understand our customer and their needs, thereby making the relationship more personalized,” says Loyola. “We expect to achieve good results in customer retention, loyalty and increased conversions.

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