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With an innovation award under their belt, Lubrizol wants to target the specific needs of the Brazilian market

Winner of the ITEHPEC Innovation Award for 2016, Lubrizol’s personal care division continues to invest in the Brazilian market. After the inauguration of their new plant in Belford Roxo (Rio de Janeiro state), which is dedicated to the production of surfactants for personal care products, the company plans to expand its portfolio to meet the specific needs of the Brazilian market. The local production of conditioning polymers for hair care products is one of the strategies, says Marketing Manager of Personal and Home Care for Latin America, Karina Teixeira, in an interview with Brazil Beauty News.

Karina Teixeira, Marketing Manager of Personal and Home Care for Latin (...)

Karina Teixeira, Marketing Manager of Personal and Home Care for Latin America

Brazil Beauty News - What solutions are currently offered in the Lubrizol portfolio?

Karina Teixeira - Lubrizol has ingredients that guarantee stability and robustness in the structure of skin care formulas, including polymers, soft surfactants and conditioning polymers. They offer softness with high foam and viscosity characteristics, which make them suitable for sulfate-free formulas, alongside film formation and skin conditioning in rinse-out products. Lubrizol also has active ingredients, emollients and moisturizers for skin care treatments, including ARGIRELINE, a pioneer anti-aging active ingredient.

Brazil Beauty News - Which families of surfactants are produced locally?

Karina Teixeira - Lubrizol has a surfactant production plant in Belford Roxo, where we manufacture mild surfactants such as betaines, amides, amidoamines, sulfosuccinates, pearlizing agents, amine oxides and special blends. These active ingredients can be used in different formulas for products such as baby shampoos, intimate washes and dishwashing liquids that are gentle on hands. To better meet the specific needs of the Brazilian market, which we already know focuses on hair conditioning, we are also bringing other technologies to the local production unit, such as items in the Merquat conditioning polymer portfolio. We also have a plant in Paulinia, Sao Paulo state, where a process of technology transfer of important rheological modifying polymers present in our portfolio is currently taking place.

Brazil Beauty News - How is the R&D area structured?

Karina Teixeira - Lubrizol’s global structure is divided into three divisions: Skin Essentials (whose focal point is in Gava, Spain), Hair Care and Bath & Shower, with development labs in Cleveland, USA. Locally, the company has a structure capable of meeting the specific needs of the Brazilian market, with the ability to adapt the ingredients and formulas to the tropical climate.

Brazil Beauty News - How have Lubrizol’s operations in Brazil with its own factory been going so far and what are the main lessons learned?

Karina Teixeira - Lubrizol already had a local operation for additives. The production of formulas for personal care products began in 2015, with the opening of the new factory. We already have several products validated and marketed on a national level. There are, however, continuous challenges when it comes to the transfer of new technologies, understanding the market, and anticipating future demands and trends. The next steps are the local production of rheological modifiers and conditioning polymers, mainly targeted at the hair care market.

Brazil Beauty News - How does Lubrizol see the Brazilian personal care market and how does the company stand out from the competition?

Karina Teixeira - Brazilians are extremely concerned with their appearance and somewhat demanding. However, they are not willing to pay excessive prices on products from their daily personal care routines. Their focus is on hair and body care. The men’s grooming market also stands out as one of the top categories, with men caring more and more about their appearance, beard, hair and skin. Considering this competitive and demanding scenario for innovation and performance, Lubrizol has made significant investments in Brazil in the last few years, including the construction of its Belford Roxo manufacturing plant, the structuring of application laboratories and the hiring of teams of specialized professionals for each market segment in the Personal and Home Care division headquarters, in São Paulo.

Lubrizol also invested in a new warehouse to stock raw materials and ingredients in the city of Paulinia, ensuring a more efficient customer service. In addition to the investments made, the company has other strategies to excel in the industry, such as concentrating our efforts on the consumer. With this purpose, we have been conducting proprietary market research focused on consumer intelligence. Another initiative was the reorganization of our distribution network for the personal care division by concentrating our entire portfolio in Dinaco, a traditional distributor of chemical specialties.

Brazil Beauty News - What are Lubrizol’s sustainability strategies?

Karina Teixeira - Sustainability is one of the pillars of our company. With that in mind, we have invested in packaging that uses less material and local production to reduce our carbon footprint along the production line. While maintaining a synthetic base, Lubrizol offers sustainable, natural and renewable source ingredients to produce affordable formulas with high-performance delivery systems. Some examples are surfactants and other naturally occurring ingredients such as thickeners and wetting agents derived from methyl glucoside, which contribute to the vegetablization and softness of the formulas.

Brazil Beauty News - How important was the recognition of Lubrizol in the Gold category of the ITEHPEC Innovation Award for 2016?

Karina Teixeira - The award recognizes all our work carried out globally in favor of innovation and sustainability. The award-winning active ingredient, CELLYNKAGE, was developed for mature skin and launched during the in-cosmetics trade show. It is a marine ingredient originating from a microorganism from Salinas, on the Costa Blanca (Spain). The product improves intercellular communication, translating into better skin functioning. It provides a rejuvenating effect, with improved skin thickness, reduction of expression lines and wrinkles, as well as improved collagen density in women going through menopause.

Amanda Veloso


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