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"We wish to bring even more respect and appreciation to perfumery", says Alessandra Tucci, founder of Paralela Escola Olfativa

The school has just changed its name and visual identity and it is now heading abroad, while planning to take its knowledge to different regions in Brazil.

Perfumaria Paralela is now called Paralela Escola Olfativa. According to founder Alessandra Tucci, the change in name and visual identity of the brand - which is celebrating its seventh year - is to officialize what the business has always been.

Alessandra Tucci, founder of Paralela Escola Olfativa

Alessandra Tucci, founder of Paralela Escola Olfativa

Tucci, who is a fragrance evaluator, administrator, a marketing professional and a specialist in fragrance sales, has 20 years of experience in the perfume sector. Having worked for two traditional fragrance companies - Firmenich and IFF - Tucci decided to use her expertise to start her own business.

While researching new business models and opportunities within the sector, she was introduced to the French perfumery school Cinquième Sens. "It wasn’t an obvious choice for me. However, every time I mentioned ’a French perfumery school’, the response was extremely positive," she says.

Tucci went to Paris to get to know the work of Cinquième Sens and returned to Brazil determined to open the school in the Latin American country. With an exclusive license contract with Cinquième Sens for branding and content, Tucci opened Perfumaria Paralela in 2012. "Perfumery was so much part of me that when I opened the business, I put it in the name. However, we were a bit uncomfortable about it, as it wasn’t a perfumery. It wasn’t a store," she says. "We have always been a school. We have always worked with training and education."

Tucci says that over 1,000 students have taken classes at the school located in São Paulo. People who have already worked for the perfume industry, fragrance enthusiasts who are considering starting their own business and small business owners have all trained at the school. "It was very interesting to see the need people had - and still do - for a professional with my expertise to collaborate in their businesses. It was good to feel useful and to make a difference in another person’s professional endeavor while mine kept growing."

She believes over 300,000 perfume sales professionals have been influenced by Paralela’s training through corporate classes for companies such as Natura and O Boticário. "The market still needs qualified professionals," she says.

Along with the change in name and visual identity, the school went international. Alessandra Tucci took a team of 15 students to Europe for an immersive experience and classes at Cinquième Sens’ main office. The next step is to increase the presence of the school in Brazil.

"I think the natural step is to go further in Brazil. Nowadays, our clients and students come to us, but we would like to take this knowledge to other places, whether through partnerships with brands or on our own, as perfumery is not confined to just São Paulo," she says. She also reveals their wish to increase the size of the school, but would rather take it one step at a time.

"We wish to bring even more respect and appreciation to perfumery. Things move fast in this industry and a lot of knowledge ends up getting lost”, says the Paralela founder. Tucci says she is optimistic about perfumery in Brazil. "The country has many positive aspects: a large population and a culture that is favorable to wearing perfume, with no restrictions. But our country has a limited amount of knowledge regarding perfumery." According to her, knowing more is better for everyone. "A conscious consumer understands what’s behind a product and is willing to pay more for it."

Tucci says this creates a cycle that feeds the entire network. "We believe education leads to innovation."

Renata Martins


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