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Edition: Brazil
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Wacker Brasil invests over R$ 25 million in the expansion of its silicone plant

Celebrating 40 years in the Brazilian market, with an average annual growth of 9%, the German multinational’s subsidiary has the beauty and personal care industry as one of its main areas of operation in South America.

Having opened its doors in 1977 in the city of Jandira, 35km from Sao Paulo, Wacker Química do Brasil is the Latin American subsidiary of the German-based chemical company founded in the early 20th century. Wacker is among the three largest silicone product suppliers in the region, and aims at remaining in the leading position with the expansion of its factory, which currently occupies an area of 21km2.

Gustavo Soares, marketing manager at Wacker Brasil

Gustavo Soares, marketing manager at Wacker Brasil

With a global network of 23 manufacturing plants, as well as 18 technical centers and 48 distributors, “Wacker Chemie AG sees South America, and more importantly Brazil, as an area of high priority and with significant growth potential in the coming years,” says Gustavo Soares, marketing manager at Wacker Química do Brasil. According to Soares, approximately 18% of current of sales are from the Americas, with Brazil being the largest market among its South American neighbors.

Over the last decade, Wacker Brasil has recorded an annual growth of 9% and generated R$350 million in sales in 2016. “We are promoting local investments to ensure we continue our above-average evolution in this region in the coming years,” claims Soares.

The company has invested more than R$25 million in the expansion of its plant in Jandira. The installation of a new multipurpose factory with two reactors will enable the production of anti-foaming compounds and functional silicone fluids for industries including pulp and paper, domestic utilities and cosmetic & personal care, which is one of the company’s main areas of activity. “With this expansion, we are responding to the growing demand for specialty silicones in the region and can offer our customers even better local support in developing custom applications,” he says.

First introduced in the market in the 1940s, silicones are extremely versatile semi-organic compounds. It is estimated that there are currently over 5,000 types of cosmetic products that use this ingredient in their formulation, making up to 70% of all products in this sector.

Wacker's plant in Jandira

Wacker’s plant in Jandira

Soares says that Wacker’s silicones can be found in the formulas of various beauty products launched in South America, both by key players and small companies. Among them there are sunscreens, body lotions and moisturizers, hair conditioners, hair treatments and styling products, long-lasting makeup and wet-look lipsticks. “The feel provided by silicones, especially on the skin, cannot be achieved by any other conventional organic ingredient,” he claims.

In addition to the personal care and cosmetics sector, Soares points out the importance of local production in the areas of construction and coating, paper and pulp, textiles, agrochemicals, rubber and electronics. “The Brazilian market stands out for well-defined regional vocations in these areas of trade,” he says. Soares adds that Wacker’s strategy is to expand its business in the long-term, and focus on profitability, providing expertise and unique technical service to customers in key local industries. “We want to ensure our leading position in the production of silicones and create the basis for future growth,” he concludes.

Renata Martins

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