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Vollmens puts its confidence in small and medium-sized businesses and aims to become Brazil’s largest fragrance house

Unafraid of the competition with multinational companies, the manufacturer reaches 13 years of double-digit annual growth with revenues of US$14 million.

Vollmens Fragrances Marketing Manager, Natalia Mendes

Vollmens Fragrances Marketing Manager, Natalia Mendes

By the time Vollmens Fragrances hit the market in 2004, the world’s largest fragrance names, such as the Swizz Firmenich and Givaudan, already had more than a century of history. Based in the city of Saltinho, 180km from São Paulo, the company was founded by brothers Nestor and Rinaldo Mendes. After 10 years’ experience in the fragrance distribution business, they discovered a niche market that had not been met by the already established multinational companies operating in Brazil.

The industry giants focused their service on large clients and did not cover the whole of Brazil. Each region has its own particularities and its own brands. We focus our work on small and medium-sized companies, which continue to develop and grow on a daily basis,” says Vollmens Fragrances Marketing Manager, Natália Mendes.

Mendes says that despite being less experienced compared to large multinational corporations, Brazilian fragrance companies have their own way of succeeding on the domestic market. She highlights advantages such as flexibility in service, logistics and distribution. “There has always been prejudice against the domestic industry and there always will be, because the Brazilian culture dictates that anything from abroad must be superior. However, I believe we have overcome a lot of this prejudice, working very seriously and proving our potential through our clients’ success,” she says.

Vollmens operates in different sectors, producing fragrances for fine perfumery and cosmetics as well as home care. “The home care market has helped us gain volume in buying commodities, allowing us to negotiate directly with manufacturers and get better prices. Today we are very focused on the development of fragrances for the CT&F industry,” says Mendez.

With customers like Yes! Cosmetics, Embelleze, Mutari, Bio Extratus and Phisalia, Vollmens currently has 60% of its production and sales coming from the perfumery and cosmetic industry, compared to 40% of home care products.

Within its staff of more than 80 employees, the team of perfumers is made of four professionals, including the master perfumer, who have worked in the world’s main fragrance houses and in large Brazilian companies such as O Boticário and Natura. In 2016, the team received the Aparicio Basilio trophy at the Atualidade Cosmética Awards for Best Men’s Fragrance in Latin America (Avatim’s Bonissimo Black). “We invest heavily in our personnel and they have contributed to our development against domestic competitors,” says Mendes.

The company is also careful when it comes to selecting its raw materials. About 85% of all ingredients used in Vollmens’ creations are imported from Europe, Asia and North America. “We attend major world events surrounding raw materials for the fragrance industry, where we have the opportunity to meet with suppliers and form partnerships for the importation of the raw materials,” she says.

With an approximate production of 100 tons per month, Vollmens has registered double-digit growth since it started operating, including a 19.32% growth in 2016. This year, the company estimates a 17% growth and earnings of more than $14 million. “Our goal is to make Vollmens the largest Brazilian fragrance company and to be recognized worldwide,” adds Mendes.

Renata Martins


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