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"The sector of anti-aging body cosmetics will start to grow," Mika Yamaguchi, Biotec Dermocosméticos

The increase in life expectancy, a warm climate, and the habit of showing skin are expected to boost the growth of this new sector in Brazil.

Cosmetics that fight signs of aging on the skin are nothing new in the Brazilian market. Data from Mintel reveals that 36% of Brazilian women between 35 and 44 years of age use anti-aging products. The figure goes up to 48% for the 45 and over age group. However, these figures relate only to facial skin care and there does not seem to be the same concern for the skin of the rest of the body.

Mirela Seixas, marketing manager at Adcos

Mirela Seixas, marketing manager at Adcos

"Brazilian consumers want everything to work quickly; they like fast results, and are not fond of preventive care. Since their bodies tend to be more covered up and this part of the skin takes longer to start showing signs of aging, typical body care tends to focus on moisturizing, weight loss and reducing cellulite," says Mirela Seixas, marketing manager at Adcos’ medical division.

This Brazilian dermocosmetics company boasts 25 years of market experience and recently launched an anti-aging body lotion. "In the last few years, we have introduced a lot of novelties to help prevent and tackle facial aging and we noticed there was market demand for minimizing the signs of aging on the rest of the body as well," says Seixas.

"Our new body lotion has been a resounding success," she says, "In Brazil, both the climate and culture allow people to show more skin and the goal of the Derma Complex anti-aging body lotion is to ensure that all skin looks beautiful and cared for as consumers grow older."

The increase of life expectancy in Brazil is another variable that will affect this sector. According to the World Health Organization, Brazil will have 64 million inhabitants over the age of 60 by 2050, approximately 30% of the total population.

"The sector of anti-aging body cosmetics will start to grow considerably, due to both the aging of the Brazilian population and an increase in the awareness regarding preventive care," says Mika Yamaguchi, pharmacist and science director at Biotec Dermocosméticos.

The company is part of the group AQIA Química Industrial and provides ingredients to the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, having established partnerships with the American DOW Personal Care and French Novastell companies.

Of all the raw materials used specifically in the production of skin care products, Yamaguchi highlights some ingredients that are part of the company’s portfolio. SWT-7 acts directly on stem cells, increasing the reepithelialization of the epidermis, thus improving the appearance of vertical wrinkles. Hydroxyprolisilane CN is a hydroxyproline vectorized by organic silicon that speeds up collagen and elastin production. Hyaxel is a fractionated hyaluronic acid that stimulates the self-moisturizing properties of the skin. "There is this whole world of ingredients available that can be used together in order to boost results."

Another important aspect of fighting the signs of aging is protecting skin from the sun. While Brazil ranks as the eighth largest skin care market worldwide, it places second in terms of sunblock sales volumes, as revealed by Euromonitor in 2017.

"We are more knowledgeable about the use of sunblock because of the incidence of skin cancer in Brazil. Sunblock is used by people of all ages, from infants to the elderly," says Yamaguchi. "However, when it comes to anti-aging products, preventive care tends to start at around the age of 25," she says.

"Skin cancer prevention is a very important health issue which gets a lot of attention in Brazil. That is why the country is such an important market for the sunblock sector. But people are growing older and learning more about the importance of keeping their skin healthy during all life stages," says Mirela Seixas.

Renata Martins


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