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Edition: Brazil
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Survey shows that Brazilian shoppers are the most influenced by packaging

An annual study conducted by WestRock also highlights Brazil as the leader in terms of satisfaction among the five countries analyzed, with a focus on the fragrance category.

The third Packaging Matters survey reinforced the importance of packaging as a point of connection between consumer and producer by establishing a strong relationship with purchase intention and brand loyalty. The results show that 37% of consumers in the personal care, fragrances and cosmetics industry have already tried a product because the packaging attracted their attention or made a repeat purchase due to its functionality.

The study was carried out by WestRock, a company that arose from the merger of two world leaders in the packaging industry – MeadWestvaco Corporation and RockTenn Company – and assessed the behavior of 5,075 people in five global markets.

WestRock's communications coordinator Milena Lima

WestRock’s communications coordinator Milena Lima

In Brazil, 52% of interviewees regarded packaging as a very or extremely important item, putting the country ahead of Germany, China, the U.S. and France in this matter. Quality (95%) and safety (91%) appear at the top of a list of factors that influence customers at the moment of purchase.

The level of satisfaction with packaging is also higher in Brazil, with 66% of consumers being completely or very satisfied, against 52% of the world average. Brazilian shoppers are most attracted by the packaging of fragrances, with 78% of them being completely or very satisfied with what is offered in the category – 20% above the global average. “The main fragrance brands in Brazil are companies that traditionally invest in sophisticated, innovative packaging. Unlike other categories, they are developed to be part of the captivating process that the fragrance itself should deliver to the consumer,” says Tove Dahlstrom, WestRock’s marketing coordinator.

Although the survey reveals that more than 77% of consumers believe that brands are heading in the right direction in terms of new packaging trends, the Packaging Matters study shows there is also a growing demand for innovation. Milena Lima, WestRock’s communications coordinator, says that the attributes that are most expected by consumers are convenience, safety and functionality, with the latter referring to preventing products from spilling, leaking or breaking. “In the case of packaging that uses valves and sprays, safety is also related to controlling the dosage and allowing the product to be used until the last drop, thereby avoiding any waste.

Lima claims that consumer expectations are influenced by local, political, economic and social factors as well as global trends. Urban buyers, for example, appreciate portability. More practical products and those that stress sustainability and care for the environment are a big trend at the moment, and also a challenge for the industry. She added that “packaging also operates as a quick visual shortcut for a category, product or brand, whether in physical stores or online”.

All product categories analyzed by Packaging Matters point to an increasing willingness of consumers to buy online, with cosmetics and fragrances leading the way. China was the only country where the majority of consumers (65%) claimed that packaging was more important for the e-commerce experience than buying in physical stores. In Brazil, 60% of shoppers claim to be more influenced by packaging in retail shops while 40% regard it as a determining factor in online purchases.

WestRock’s latest releases in Europe and in the U.S. are Amplify and MiniMod, portable solutions that can be easily handled and have a steady and controlled dosage. The company is considering forming partnerships with local suppliers with the aim of manufacturing them in Brazil.

Fernanda Bonifacio


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