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SEPPIC’s poetic imagination serving their polymers

As SEPPIC is releasing their film "Art of Polymers at the Service of Beauty" on social media, Corinne Stoltz, International Operational Marketing Director for Excipients and Markets, unveils the details about this communication campaign she initiated.

Why did you decide to communicate about polymers?

Corinne Stoltz - Our expertise in polymer science dates back nearly 30 years. We wanted to remind the young generation of formulators that SEPPIC was a pioneer in "Hydro-Swelling Droplets" polymers with the launch of SEPIGEL 305™ in 1990. Just a few magical drops can stabilize, thicken and texture emulsions with a cold process under the most extreme pH conditions, in the presence of electrolytes, etc.

It was a real revolution back then! And we also wanted to remind everyone that our family of polymers is constantly evolving. Today, our innovations bring together technical and sensory performances with increasingly natural and sustainable sourcing, along with higher awareness of biodegradability. For example, our latest emulsifying polymer, SEPILIFE™ Nude, is part of an eco-designed generation.

We started with polymers but, in the future, we will no doubt have the opportunity to communicate on other families of functional ingredients!

SEPPIC’s communication is original, both in its style and in its content…

Corinne Stoltz - Indeed, we wanted to stand out with communication that is sincere, close to who we really are, but with a strong impact. I think you can see that in the style and in the content of our approach.

The main video, the real cornerstone of the campaign, is an allegory full of grace and moisture. The storytelling created by MAKE IT BLOOM! makes an esthetic parallel between the polymer molecules dispersed in a liquid phase and the members of a artistic swimming team performing in a pool, which turns into a lake at the end of the film. A natural environment symbolizing our desire for an approach that is more environmentally friendly. Formulation and synchronized swimming both have an artistic dimension.

They are esthetic, sensory and emotional while requiring the real technical expertise. The different networks formed by swimmers look like that of polymers in water. Thanks to these networks, our polymers address different technical challenges in formulation. These configurations symbolize also the link. On both a molecular and human level, this link provides stability to the formulas, relational solidity and success to projects. We greatly value the human contact between the sales, marketing and technical teams at SEPPIC and our customers. If it was not so important to us, we would no doubt not be the world leader in polymers for skin care.

Why did you mainly want to communicate by video?

Corinne Stoltz - Given the main media we use - social networks and trade shows - we wanted a simple, visual way of expressing ourselves. What could be better than a film to illustrate the grace and beauty of the swimmers’ movements? Videos are the best way to reach our target audience: formulators, marketers and buyers! Alongside the main film, we have also made a collection of five short video clips running about two minutes each. They are in the form of interviews with various personalities in the SEPPIC network. Each one sheds light on a particular quality of our polymers.

For example, Chantal Amalric, Beauty Care Strategic Marketing Manager & RSPO Coordinator, explains eco-design, while Sébastien Duprat de Paule talks about innovation since he’s the Innovation Director. International managers also speak, such as Lillian Han, Asia Pacific Director, who points out the sensory advantages of our polymers and the specificities of her region. So even though SEPPIC designs and produces polymers in a French spirit, we wanted to point out the international scope of our markets.

And to accompany these video tools, we also wanted to use this kind of interview so they could be relayed by the print and digital press for a 360° communication, faithful to our strategic choices in terms of messaging and our values, reflecting our spirit.

Interview by Stéphanie Machon


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