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Edition: Brazil
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Quem disse, Berenice? thrives on a casual approach towards makeup

Created in 2012 by Grupo Boticário, Quem Disse, Berenice? is a breath of fresh air in the Brazilian makeup market, due to both its unpretentious packaging design and the spontaneous way the brand communicates with its customers. This easygoing makeup concept caught on, and Quem Disse, Berenice? has now over 150 stores around the country and an e-commerce platform pushing 500 different products.

Juliana Fava, managing director at Quem disse, Berenice

Juliana Fava, managing director at Quem disse, Berenice

For 2017, the brand plans to expand its points of sale to “ensure that all Brazilian women experience this new approach towards makeup,” says Juliana Fava, managing director at Quem disse, Berenice?. Brazil Beauty News talked to the executive about the brand’s performance, sustainability and innovation.

Brazil Beauty News - How would you describe Quem disse, Berenice?’s customers? And what has been the brand’s contribution to the Brazilian makeup market?

Juliana Fava – We don’t line up our consumers by age, socioeconomic status or other demographic criteria. The key aspect is the relationship they have with themselves and the way they wear makeup. We wish to reach out to all women, especially those who feel the pressure of social norms and manage to inject some spontaneity into their rushed and demanding lives, including the way they express themselves through makeup.

We do believe every woman wants to look good, but there is no right or wrong way of doing so. Our customers have come to realize that the beauty world can be uncomplicated and free of rules, instead of yet another strict guideline in their lives. This concept translates into the way we designed our stores and how we invite customers to find a look they love through trial and error.

Brazil Beauty News - Beside the self-service station in the stores, what other way does the brand use to connect to the customers?

Juliana Fava - Quem Disse, Berenice? was “born digital”. We have over 4 million Facebook fans, and our Instagram profile has the most followers among all Brazilian makeup brands. We respond to all comments, which is the way we found to get close to our customers, who we nicknamed “berês”.

We also deliver a range of marketing campaigns throughout the year, such as that of the Kiss Day, where we offered a 30% discount on lipstick products for customers who gave a “liberating kiss” inside one of our stores. Another recent campaign was “return berê”, encouraging our consumers to recycle their products’ packaging – they trade five empty containers for a free creamy lipstick. These containers are then donated to our network of recycling cooperatives throughout the country, and help improve the income of the people involved in this activity.

Brazil Beauty News - In what other way is sustainability observed by the brand?

Juliana Fava - Our store in Shopping Cidade São Paulo Mall has recently received the LEED Retail CI international environmental certificate, which acknowledges efforts made by the business regarding energy efficiency, water management, carbon footprint reduction, improvements in air quality and administration of natural resources.

Brazil Beauty News - The displays at the store are designed to drive product experimentation and brand awareness. What other benefits does the self-service strategy bring to the brand?

Juliana Fava - We found out that the best way of getting consumers familiar with the brand is by trying out the products. As well as offering original testers of the entire range, we also offer disposable makeup applicators and removers. That way, customers can try different colors and combinations until they find a look they love. It’s also a way of putting into practice the concept that is at the core of our business: freedom.

Brazil Beauty News - Do you find beauty habits to be different from state to state?

Juliana Fava - In the Northeast region, we have noticed an increased demand for fragrances when compared to other Brazilian states, whereas in the South, there has been a big trend towards pink lipstick hues.

Brazil Beauty News - What are the all-time favorites in Brazil?

Juliana Fava - The matte effect is all the rage among Brazilians, be it in lipsticks that highlight and saturate the lips, or foundations, where the dry finish goes well with oily skin, a very common feature in Brazil.

Brazil Beauty News - Quem Disse, Berenice?’s approach towards pricing aims to reach a large audience. How did the brand find a healthy balance between quality and affordable prices?

Juliana Fava - Quem Disse, Berenice? was created to bring forward a new concept, and help women get rid of any rules involved in applying makeup. We want to share this freedom with as many customers as we can. That’s why affordable prices are one of our brand’s core values, as well as a wide distribution chain. Being part of a large beauty group does make a difference, as it allows us to develop and offer high-quality products at competitive prices.

Amanda Veloso


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