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Edition: Brazil
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Polychromatic peel-off polish awarded at MakeUp in Paris

Already presented at the Cosmoprof trade show in Bologna, Italy, Polychromatic’s Perfectly A Peel-ing Peelable Nail Polish Nail Polish was awarded at the 2018 edition of MakeUp in Paris.

Polychromatic's Perfectly A-PEEL-ing Peelable Nail Polish brings new (...)

Polychromatic’s Perfectly A-PEEL-ing Peelable Nail Polish brings new possibilities to nail polish users

Perfectly A-PEEL-ing is a solvent-based, patented formula, unlike other traditional peel-off polishes on the market today. As easy as “polish, peel, repeat,” wearers have the ability to switch their colour to match their mood, outfit or occasion. According to Polychromatic, A-PEEL-ing gives “the best of all benefits: easy removal, a healthier alternative to harsh removers, and the luxurious coverage of classic nail polish.

"This new technology complements and stimulates the product offering on the nail market. Semi-permanent polishes and traditional varnishes now coexist on the market with, like for other cosmetic segments, growing expectations regarding naturalness and health. Thus, the arrival of a new peel-off technology - with a high-quality film - allows to offer a long-lasting nail make-up with a very strong consumer benefit thanks to an instant and easy colour removing," explains Siegfried Privé, General Manager of Center 7, Polychromatic’s Europe-based facility.

Polychromatic’s Perfectly A-PEEL-ing Peelable Nail Polish brings new possibilities to nail polish users: a new gesture as well as the possibility to apply a nail varnish for several days or more ephemerally for an evening only. According to Polychromatic, the technology also allows many formulations variations such as for example including active ingredients to provide nail care benefits.

Formulated to provide excellent functional performance (long-lasting, gloss, easy application and drying) the peel-off varnish allows to skip the uncomfortable and unpleasant solvent stage, which often emits polluting VOCs and has a negative on the cuticles (bleaching, drying out).

The solution offers new perspectives to revisit and boost the offer on a market that progressively recovering.

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