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Edition: Brazil
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Perfume sales in Brazil account for over half of the total in Latin America

Euromonitor survey shows that Brazil is just under the U.S. in the global fragrance ranking, with Natura being the second-largest fragrance maker in the country.

With both mass and premium products, Brazilian fragrances are leading the Latin American market by far. In 2016, Brazil accounted for more than half (US$ 6.4 billion) of total sales in the region, which totaled US$ 11.2 billion according to a Beauty and Personal Care survey by international consultancy firm Euromonitor.

Brazil currently holds second position on the global market, just behind the U.S., whose performance generated US$ 7.9 billion last year. The third place in the global ranking goes to the UK, who recorded a total of US$ 2.4 billion in sales. In 2021, Euromonitor predicts that the Brazilian fragrance market will reach R$ 30.8 billion (approximately US$ 9.6 billion) in sales revenue, exclusive of inflation.

Natura's Global Fragrance Director, Denise Coutinho

Natura’s Global Fragrance Director, Denise Coutinho

As well as investing in novel essential oils and sustainable initiatives at all stages of production, Natura was the second-largest fragrance maker in Brazil last year, according to data by Euromonitor. O Boticário was at the top of the ranking with third place going to Avon.

We have taken the lead in the fragrance market in Argentina and have gained relevant positions in strategic markets such as Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Peru. In Brazil we are leaders in men’s fragrances, with iconic brands such as Natura Homem and Kaiak. We have also seen significant growth in women’s fragrances,” says Natura’s Global Fragrance Director, Denise Coutinho.

The positive performance is linked to expansion initiatives, such as the plan to open 17 new physical stores in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, and the revamp of sales practices by the consultants. According to Coutinho, perfumery is one of the strategic focuses of the company. “Natura is always investing in new product launches and innovation in this category, which is traditionally very dynamic. In recent years, we have launched new brands such as Una and Luna, and relaunched popular classics such as Kriska, Biografia and Natura Homem,” says Coutinho. “We also invest heavily in the quality of fragrances as well as the packaging, with the goal of building a prestige and unique image of Brazilian perfumery, all in our own factory in Cajamar.

The company plays a significant role in all of Latin America, being present in the luxury goods market, as well as offering more affordable options. “We are the direct sales company that is leading the manufacturing of premium, quality fragrances,” claims Coutinho.

In the masstige market, Natura’s signature brand is Kaiak, inspired by the connection with nature, followed by the Humor line, which encourages customers to live a lighter life. The category with more attractive pricing contains mainly eau de colognes from brands such as Águas and Tododia, designed at prolonging the after-bath sensation.

The company’s communication strategy is anchored in a direct relationship between Natura’s fragrances and their Brazilian origins. To create varied fragrances and a unique scent identity, Coutinho explains that Natura’s Perfumer for the past eleven years, Veronica Kato, has combined 2,500 ingredients of world perfumery with 20 exclusive essential oils extracted from the Brazilian biodiversity. “Another unique aspect is that all fragrances use 100% organic alcohol extracted from sugar cane, which is grown without being affected by pesticides or burning,” she adds.

The use of recycled glass adds to Natura’s sustainability strategies. “In brands like Kaiak and Humor, the packaging has 20% recycled post-consumer glass, and we are expanding that concept to the rest of the portfolio”, says Coutinho.

Amanda Veloso


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