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Edition: Brazil
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“People aged 60 and over feel invisible,” José Luiz de Paula Junior, Aura60+

A new Brazilian beauty brand focuses on an as yet-unexplored domestic niche: the elderly.

In Brazil, an individual is legally considered to be elderly when they turn 60. Close to 30 million people in Brazil are currently in this age bracket. According to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics, they represent 13.5% of the country’s total population, but this figure is expected to double by 2042, reaching almost 60 million people or about 25% of the domestic population.

Models are people who truly are in this age group

Models are people who truly are in this age group

The elderly have specific needs. “As the years go by, our bodies start experiencing losses that are part of getting old. After 50, for instance, there is a sharp decrease in collagen production, making skin drier and more fragile. Expression lines and wrinkles start to appear, fingernails become weaker and more prone to breaking and foot skin begins to get coarse and even crack,” says business manager Eric Larue, one of the founders of Aura60+.

Geared towards the elderly, this Brazilian beauty and wellness company was established earlier this year. The initial idea came from José Luiz de Paula Junior, another founding partner. Paula Junior has been working in the cosmetics industry for over four decades, during which time he has created the sunscreen brand Cenoura & Bronze and pioneered many sectors, such as cosmetics designed for people of color, natural products made with active ingredients sourced from Brazilian flora and beauty products for men.

I have spent my whole life anticipating trends and launching products that meet the demands of specific groups of individuals. As I reached the age of 60, I realized people like me were being completely ignored by the market,” he says. “The industry has not yet realized that there is enormous untapped potential here. There is a lack of specialty products and services. People aged 60 and over feel invisible,” he added.

Going against market norms, Aura60+ did not focus on facial care with its inaugural product lines. Instead, its first products are for foot and nail care. “It is a fact that women in general tend to spend more money on facial products. But there is already a huge selection of creams and masks available for this specific purpose and we need to focus on other needs,” says Larue. “Feet are under constant strain throughout our lives. We have to take good care of them, so they can continue to support us and take us wherever we want to go. Similarly, well-cared for, healthy nails are important to make a good first impression.

All lines were produced using 100% natural oils. The foot care kit consists of moisturizer and a special soap, and promises deep nutrition and regeneration of the sole of the foot. According to the company, the nail care products promote nutrition and strengthening and can be used to avoid fungal infections.

Communicating with its target audience is also of particular concern to Aura60+. In addition to making basic adaptations, such as using bigger font sizes on the packaging to make it easier for customers to obtain important information, the company also seeks to portray people who truly are in this age group in its advertising. “An anti-wrinkle cream cannot use a 40 year old model to target 60 year old women. They will not see themselves in these ads,” says Paula Junior.

He already has expansion plans for Aura60+. At the moment, all products are available solely online, but should soon be sold in conventional retail outlets and especially in drugstores. The product portfolio is also expected to grow soon. “Our goal is to launch three or four new products every year so that, in time, we will have different lines that cater to all the needs of our target audience.

Dermatologist Alberto Cordeiro draws attention to this particular niche. “The cosmetics industry still does not direct a lot of effort to meet these specific demands. What I have noticed is that the biggest trend is in designing products for millennials, but there is nothing for the elderly,” says Dr. Cordeiro, who is responsible for Clínica Hōraios. “Sure, it may be trendier to cater to a younger audience, but there is a significant share of the population that is being completely overlooked and this should be remedied with new releases,” he says.

Renata Martins


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