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Edition: Brazil
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Payot to grow 20% in 2018 with brand rejuvenation strategy

In an effort to attract a younger costumer base and increase its competitiveness, the brand has partnered up with beauty blogger Mariana Saad to launch a lipstick line and began outsourcing its production.

Flavia Montebeller, Marketing Director at Payot Brasil

Flavia Montebeller, Marketing Director at Payot Brasil

This year Payot is celebrating the 65th anniversary of its Brazilian operations. The French company has had its golden days, but a series of challenges and downturns has led the company to lose space or the shelves and consumer trust.

Since its arrival in Brazil in 1953, Payot has overcome many obstacles, including the death of its CEO, Silvio Grotkowski, in the sinking of a sightseeing ship off the coast of Rio on New year’s Eve 1988, the economic reforms carried out in Brazil during the presidency of Fernando Collor de Mello in the 1990s, and the entry of several global beauty brands in the Brazilian market. Operating in an increasingly competitive environment and catering to an older customer base, Payot decided it was time for a change.

"Payot kept its traditional approach to beauty for a long time, but in recent years the company faced the need to reinvent its business model,” says Flavia Montebeller, Marketing Director at Payot Brasil. The brand currently has 120 items in its portfolio – including makeup, skin care, body care and hair care products – and is available in over 3,000 points of sale including department stores, perfumeries and supermarkets.

Aiming to rejuvenate its brand image, the company partnered with beauty influencer Mariana Saad to release a liquid lipstick line. “Payot found in Mariana a way to show our customers that the brand is up-to-date, meets the need of young people and those looking for high-quality, contemporary products,” says Montebeller.

The first collection, with six lipstick shades, was launched in July 2017 and is among the reasons why the company claims to have grown 17% last year. “It was a successful partnership, so we decided to repeat it in 2018.” Montebeller says the second collection, with new six shades, reached retail stores in March.

As well as investing in a poster girl with 1.8 million Instagram followers and almost half a million Facebook followers, Payot is also focusing on its own social media channels. "We like to keep in touch. One of our brand revamp strategies is to bring customers closer through social media.

In addition to the new lipsticks signed by Mariana Saad, the Maternité items also received a facelift – and new products are in the pipeline. “We will release a new dermocosmetics line and relaunch the Acnederm range, designed for oily and acne prone skin,” she says.

To increase its competitiveness in the market, Payot decided to close its plant in Brazil and outsource its production under a full-service contract where the company will remain manufacturing its packaging.

We see outsourcing as a way to benefit business development. It has allowed for an improvement in operations and brand processes, as well as productivity, faster access to technology and cost savings – all while maintaining product quality and an efficient customer service,” adds Montebeller.

With all these new developments, Payot projects a 20% growth in sales in 2018. "We definitely have our expectations high this year," she says.

Renata Martins


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