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Packaging & design

Packaging trends point to bold designs, sustainable materials and value-for-money solutions

Data from the Brazilian Packaging Association shows signs of sales recovery in the second half of 2017, fueling forecasts for growth in 2018.

Janine Carvalho, gerente de marketing da DuPont BrasilThe latest study by global brand design and innovation company PACKLAB outlines trends that should drive packaging development and manufacturing in the coming decades. Minimalism, the use of vibrant colors, customized fonts and unique cut-outs are some of the trends to look forward to in 2018 and beyond. PACKLAB also highlights vintage references and storytelling elements that provide insights into the story of the brand to build customer trust, as well as the use of eco-friendly materials.

"The trend towards sustainable materials comes from the very evolution of society as a whole. There is a greater sense of awareness of the world around us, which translates into everything from the food we eat to the products we use,” says PACKLAB’s director João Tomás de Sousa. He says the company, which has six offices across Europe, South America and Africa, has a team that conducts daily research into projects that are launched around the world prior to releasing its annual trends report.

Janine Carvalho, Marketing Manager at DuPont Brasil, says there is a trend towards solutions that reduce packaging costs and waste. “Today we can say we have an extensive product offer for the cosmetic industry. Some of our latest launches can reduce raw material prices in up to 20% in relation to other products currently available on the market,” she states. “Our role in this chain includes guiding companies as to the most suitable choices of polymers to reduce waste. For the same reason, we also advise on the best manufacturing practices so results are as optimized as possible.

Carvalho says DuPont often conducts interviews with brand marketers to align product development strategies with solutions used by industry key players. Some of the trends she pinpoints are decorative finishes with unique features and bold, technically challenging designs. “It’s important to use elements that help build an authentic image of the product and reflect the story behind it,” she says.

Carvalho adds there is a need for companies to launch materials that allow for easy adaptation to the needs of each product, such as resins Surlyn PC 500 and Surlyn PC 3000, made from ethylene acid copolymers, which were launched by DuPont in 2017. “They provide transparency to packaging materials, but are also suitable for translucent, colored and metallized finishes, allowing for hot stamping and laser printing.

When it comes to sustainability, Carvalho says there is a growing demand for packaging that can be reused and recycled. "We are increasingly engaged in conversations with our clients to address topics such as waste and post-consumer recycling projects. When recycled, the Surlyn range can be used in different industries, not necessarily in cosmetics and personal care," she concludes.

Packaging industry to resume growth in 2018 – Data from the Brazilian Packaging Association (ABRE) shows September 2017 saw two consecutive months of increased manufacturing activity for the first time since October 2013. While in the first half of the year sales fell by 0.65%, in the second half they recorded an increase of 1.9%.

The market for packaging materials in Brazil is lead by plastic, with 39% market share, followed by metal (18.1%), corrugated cardboard (17.3%), paperboard (11.5%), paper (5.1%) and glass (4.4%).

Vanessa Soares


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