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Nutricosmetics gain new ground in Brazil

By promoting “beauty from the inside out”, sales of nutricosmetics are rising in Brazil. Experts say this market has the potential to bring together the beauty trinity: cosmetics, health and wellbeing, but regulations may limit product options.

Betina Stefanello

Betina Stefanello

As the world’s fourth largest consumer of cosmetics according to data from Euromonitor International, Brazil’s ever maturing population continues to search for natural ingredients and for healthier lifestyles. Nutricosmetics appear as a potential market to be explored, says dermatologist and member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology (SBD), Betina Stefanello.

With the goal of promoting beauty from the inside out, nutricosmetics, presented in the form of gelatin capsules or juice and soup blends, differ from other products due to its oral use rather than topical. They claim to contain active ingredients including amino acids, vitamins and proteins that are released in the digestive system, resulting in visible aesthetic benefits – the so-called “beauty pills”.

These capsules are dietary supplements that contain active ingredients capable of producing a multitude of positive effects on the body, including anti-aging, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action, reduced acne and hair loss, improved skin appearance, strengthened hair and nails, reduction of fat deposits under the skin, and dermal photo-protection,” says Stefanello.

In addition to preventing skin aging and strengthening the hair, nutricosmetics offer holistic health benefits, contributing to a better quality of life and overall wellbeing,” she claims. According to the dermatologist, most effects are observed after an average of six months of product use.

Marcelo Golino

Marcelo Golino

Present in the market since 2015, Brazilian chemical company Chemyunion has been working on the sale of outsourced formulated capsule systems so cosmetic manufacturers are only involved in the packing and branding stages, explains CEO Marcelo Golino. “Our proprietary technology allows us to formulate finished products with proven effectiveness.

Some of the active ingredients and excipients produced by Chemyunion are calcium carbonate and calcium citrate malate, which promote calcium replacement; magnesium oxide recommended for magnesium supplementation; excipient complexes and vitamins for healthy hair; collagen for skin elasticity; and caffeine with safflower oil for skin cell stimulation.

Within the brand, developed by Chemyunion, consumers can find capsules that claim to strengthen hair and nails, such as vitamin and mineral supplements; hydrolyzed collagen and vitamin C for the prevention of wrinkles; A to Z vitamin complex and caffeine supplement to improve resistance and concentration.

According to Golino, the consumers in this market consist of people looking for a healthier lifestyle, wellbeing and personal care. “All these aspects can be found through food, hence the relevance of nutricosmetics,” he says.

However, their use still has some restrictions. These products are regulated by Brazil’s Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) and their use requires specialized guidance “preferably by dermatologists, nutritionists, cosmetic surgeons, endocrinologists and general practitioners,” explains Stefanello. She points out that the products are contraindicated for anyone who has an allergy to any ingredient within the formula or excess of any vitamin or mineral in the body.

The concentrations of each raw material must be measured to precision. “It is essential that only ingredients regulated by Anvisa are used in the formulations,” explains Golino. “There is certainly much to be explored in the Brazilian market, but regulatory limits restrict the extent to which we can offer the consumer.

Amanda Veloso


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