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Edition: Brazil
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Multi-brand fashion and decor retailers give space to Brazilian cosmetics products developed by small producers with a sustainable appeal

Cosmetics in stores that are not focused on beauty have gained new consumers, who are willing to pay more for artisanal products and who are worried about the environment.

When buying cosmetics, Brazilian consumers can go to perfumeries, pharmacies, supermarkets, department stores or branded cosmetics stores. And that’s not all. Small national beauty brands are now gaining space in multi-brand fashion and decor retailers, who value sustainable products representing the Brazilian identity.

Bemglô is one of these stores. Created four years ago, the company opened its first physical store in 2019 in São Paulo. "Bemglô began as a content e-commerce platform discussing sustainability, aimed at valuing what we have in Brazil. Our hand-crafted products are more valued abroad and cosmetics products are just now gaining space", says manager Willian Souza.

Feito Brasil is in Bemglô's portfolio

Feito Brasil is in Bemglô’s portfolio

The company’s diverse sustainable portfolio includes pillows, hammocks, bags, jewelry and cosmetics. "We gathered data on brands that were aligned with our key concepts: made in Brazil, with Brazilian ingredients and by small producers", says Souza. "At first, we went after some companies and then, when the store opened, the brands began to come to us. The business worked so well that they want to be there".

Souza says Bemglô currently works with eight natural cosmetics companies. "When it opened, the store sold Vyvedas, Bergamia, Faces it Vegan and Terral. Then Feito Brasil and Quintal joined in. More recently we embraced Let and Cativa".

Founded in 2004, Feito Brasil advocates for the artisanal production of cosmetics, getting inspiration from Brazil itself to create its collections. "Being present in multi-brand retailers increases the brand visibility and gets us closer to consumers, giving them the possibility of trying and testing our products before making a decision", says Giulio Peron, CEO of Casa Feito Brasil, a group that also owns Quintal Dermocosméticos.

"With our cosmetics products at Bemglô, we make sure that we have direct contact with people who are concerned with sustainability and who are looking for greener products, with less environmental impact", says Peron, who also mentions a recent study by the Union + Webster agency showing that 87% of Brazilians are willing to pay more for sustainable products.

Celebrating its first anniversary, the biocosmetics brand Riô develops its products with raw materials developed in a lab from natural ingredients, in a process that is similar to that of stem cell production, ensuring that the products are safe to use and safe for the environment.

Besides being distributed by Sephora, the independent brand is also sold at Loja Design, located in Instituto Inhotim (considered the largest open-air museum in the world) in Minas Gerais and at Dona Coisa, a fashion multi-brand retailer in Rio de Janeiro, which only sells Brazilian-made products.

"Riô is a peculiar brand: we have a story, an ethos and an aesthetic to deliver to our consumers. Being in a multi-brand retail store - especially those that are not exclusively beauty stores - gives us the opportunity to encounter people when they are more open to hear these stories", says Riô’s CEO and partner Pedro Medicis.

Present in one of the world’s most important beauty chains and in alternative spaces simultaneously, the brand meets the needs of large cosmetics consumers and also of clients that are not used to a beauty routine, as they are not connected to the brands currently available on the market.

"Some of our consumers are tired of foreign beauty standards that are not adapted to our reality", says Medicis. "Brazil is the most important tropical country, due to the size of its consumer market and also for its culture, gastronomy and lifestyle. We want to make this potency into a beauty benchmark for the rest of the world", he says.

Verônica Domingues


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