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Edition: Brazil
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Mon Absolu helps build customer loyalty with exclusive fragrances

The company, headed by perfumer Fanny Moreau, promotes olfactory identity and scent marketing for corporate clients

Brazilian and international companies have been investing in aromas as a way to retain customer loyalty, stand out from the competition and pursue growth opportunities. Mon Absolu, an upmarket perfume company based in São Paulo, specializes in creating exclusive fragrances and olfactory marketing strategies for its corporate clients. Its founder, French perfumer Fanny Moreau, is a member of the French Society of Perfume Creators. She says there has been greater demand for Mon Absolu’s services as a result of the economic downturn. “Companies regard the olfactory identity as an important item in facing up to the crisis,” she says.

Mon Absolu's sales director, Bruno Menezes, and founder, Fanny (...)

Mon Absolu’s sales director, Bruno Menezes, and founder, Fanny Moreau

Mon Absolu also provides scent marketing for points of sale, meeting rooms, halls, events, and products that can be offered to the consumer, such as scented cards, candles, sachets and solid perfumes. “The aim of an olfactory message is to strengthen the company’s emotional link with its customer,” says Moreau.

The olfactory identity is a fragrance that conveys a brand’s DNA. The process begins with a briefing and then moves on to a survey of the olfactory paths, formulation tests, approval and – finally – training to promote the perfume that has been created. The success of the strategy stems from the link it creates between the nose and the brain based on scent’s power to evoke memories and, in turn, emotions. “The idea is to use aroma to strengthen the visual message in the customer’s memory. The more they feel the fragrance, the greater the opportunity to retain the brand in their limbic system, which is responsible for processing memory and emotions,” says Mon Absolu’s sales director, Bruno Moreau de Menezes.

The company has clients from various industries such as financial services, auto, education, luxury goods and food. One of its successful case studies was the olfactory identity created for Citroën’s DS4 model. Moreau says the challenge was to convey the car’s sporty and sophisticated features. “We used leather and lemon as the main elements and brought them together in a harmonious blend to complement the car’s identity.

The luxury and opulence of jewelry designer Ara Vartanian’s designs have also inspired Mon Absolu to create a unique aroma for a limited edition of scented candles. “We selected notes of cardamom and olibanum to reveal the jeweler’s identity in a sophisticated way,” Moreau adds.

Even the Flamengo soccer team gained its own fragrance in 2013, when it won the Brazilian Cup. The development of this fragrance was a real immersion for Moreau, who dug up a small piece of the Maracanã football stadium pitch and took it to the laboratory. The olfactory identity has ozone notes and a dash of peppers grown in the state of Santa Catarina.

Orpheu Cairolli, perfumer and fonder of the Olfactory Development (...)

Orpheu Cairolli, perfumer and fonder of the Olfactory Development Center

Developing fragrances is discerning and involves responsibility. Blends or aromas which have their initial formulation altered can bring serious allergenic risks, as well as disrupt the general quality of the market and ruin the consumer’s experience,” Menezes says. He stresses the meticulous nature of a perfumer’s task. “It is crucial to work with professionals who are sensitive, have high quality standards, infrastructure and, above all, provide an enjoyable buying experience.

Aimed at raising the market’s standards and training professionals interested in the olfactory business, Mon Absolu created the Olfactory Development Center (known locally as the NDO). Both training and consultancy services go beyond the nose’s capabilities and explore multi-sensory aspects by integrating fragrancies, colors, textures, sounds and tastes. Consultant and perfumer Orpheu Cairolli, who runs the NDO with Moreau, says the competitive nature of the business means the staff must be well prepared. “During training, we focus on technical development projects as well as the quality of the personnel, whereas the consultancy sessions provide in-depth knowledge of the market and differentiation strategies that involve trends analysis and new social paradigms.

Moreau points out that Brazil is experiencing a promising period for the creation of fragrancies, driven by clients’ demands for quality. “Brazil is looking for its own fragrance identity as a nation and the perfume creator is being increasingly more appreciated,” she says.

Amanda Mont’Alvão Veloso


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