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Edition: Brazil
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Men’s grooming market is driven by fewer preconceptions and constant thirst for innovation

Brazil is set to lead the global ranking by 2019, with US$ 6.7 billion in projected sales, according to Euromonitor International.

Admittedly vain, tuned into whatever’s new in the market, at ease to invest time and creativity into their beauty routine, and regulars at beauty salons and barbershops alike – this is the male consumer that has been outlined in the last couple of years in Brazil, as stated by professionals and entities in the beauty industry.

Truss' Barber & Moustache men's grooming line

Truss’ Barber & Moustache men’s grooming line

A Qualibest Institute research commissioned by ABIHPEC (the Brazilian Association of the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Industry) revealed that 43% of male interviewees considered themselves “super vain”. They also embraced their taste for beauty salons: 83% believe that the time when caring for one’s appearance was “a woman’s thing” is long gone, and 54% claimed to be regulars at hair salons or barbershops.

This change in behavior has had a significant impact on the market. The men’s grooming category grew by 2.4% in 2015, raking in a whopping R$ 21 million, according to ABIHPEC. Brazil is poised to become the world leader in the category by 2019, with US$ 6.7 billion in projected sales, Euromonitor International data showed. The country currently ranks second after the US.

ABIHPEC also reported a higher demand for specialty products, but indicated that men are still not completely satisfied with what’s available on the market and are eager for more options of beard care products, corrective makeup and body shaving creams. Truss was one of the companies that seized the opportunity to release, after three years of research, the Barber & Moustache line of products, with shampoo and conditioner for hair, beard and moustache as well as four hair styling products.

The male universe and its relationship with beauty, fashion, design and behavior took center stage at the Homem Brasileiro (‘Brazilian Man’) event, which took place in São Paulo in August. German fragrance house Drom adorned the event’s venue with an “olfactory curatorship” that explored men’s tastes through a selection of furniture, clothing and beauty products.

Renata Abelin, head of marketing at Drom Fragrances, stressed that Brazilian men are discovering new products and textures, meaning they are wide open to experiment and introduce a broader beauty routine into their lives. However, she says the men’s market for fine fragrances is already bigger than the women’s. “Men also have a more expansive approach when it comes to fragrances: they spray more, and also more often throughout the day.

In terms of olfactory notes, the most widespread olfactive family for hair, beard and moustache care is fougère, says Abelin. “The woody family is also commonplace in men’s grooming, and we can see the market is more open to trying new notes. If I had to number three main requirements for success in the Brazilian male market, I’d go with freshness, sensuality and long-lasting effect.

The moment is ripe for observing international perfumery trends. Abelin says mass-market, lower-priced fragrances still take a big chunk of the market, which leads domestic companies to “play safe”. Innovation and boldness are often viewed with wary eyes. “But the setting is changing. There are local brands currently taking a leap in developing new products that don’t necessarily have mass appeal. And in due time: Brazilians’ reach over international products is increasing at a higher pace, meaning these consumers are coming into contact with a wider, bolder range of products in line with global trends.

Amanda Veloso


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