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Mary Kay unveils latest researches on skin care

Mary Kay has unveiled recent researches in skin care at several scientific events in the USA.

Dr. Lucy Gildea, Ph.D., Senior Vice President - Chief Scientific Officer at (...)

Dr. Lucy Gildea, Ph.D., Senior Vice President - Chief Scientific Officer at Mary Kay, heads the for global cosmetics giant’s Research & Development team. (Photo: Mary Kay Inc.)

At the Skin of Color Society Symposium, Dr. Shoná Burkes-Henderson, Associate Principal Scientist, Clinical Research, revealed new research on navy bean extract and its ability to regulate melanogenesis, leading to an improvement in uneven skin tone and facial hyperpigmentation. Through this clinical study, Mary Kay found that topical application of moisturizer containing navy bean extract significantly improved uneven skin tone and blotchy pigmentation over 12 weeks, and therefore may be used as a natural treatment to help uneven skin tone.

Dr. Burkes-Henderson also presented a new approach to help improve facial erythema, or redness, at the American Academy of Dermatology Annual Meeting. Four botanical extracts were identified to reduce the production of pro-inflammatory proteins and enzymes in the skin and a cosmetic formulation containing these extracts was shown to effectively reduce facial erythema after four weeks.

We know that we have fantastic technology in our products, because we consistently conduct clinical tests to confirm that our products deliver meaningful benefits to consumers,” said Dr. Lucy Gildea, Chief Scientific Officer at Mary Kay. “However, our commitment to skin care science isn’t just about making new Mary Kay products. Our involvement and attendance of events like the Skin of Color Society Symposium allows us to exchange innovative ideas and findings with our colleagues and continue to further support advancements in skin health.

Led by Dr. Lucy Gildea, Mary Kay’s Research & Development team includes distinguished scientists from around the world, holding doctorates and other advanced degrees across multiple disciplines: skin biology, cell biology, chemistry, biochemistry and more. Her team of scientists is also dedicated to discovering the trends and technologies that enable the company to create its products with the aim to deliver innovative beauty benefits to the consumer.

The Skin of Color Society Symposium and American Academy of Dermatology Annual Meeting are the latest events in a series of Mary Kay presentations with the scientific and academic communities that reinforce the brand’s longstanding commitment to advancing skin health research and development. Every year, Mary Kay conducts hundreds of thousands of scientific tests on products and ingredients to ensure the highest standards of safety, quality and performance.

The global beauty giant holds more than 1,500 patents for products, technologies and packaging designs in its global portfolio. Recently, the company announced the opening of a more than $100 million state-of-the-art manufacturing and R&D facility in Lewisville, Texas.

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