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Edition: Brazil
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Lubrizol to focus on multipurpose and minimalist solutions to increase its market share in the skin care sector

Winner of an ITEHPEC Innovation Award for the third year running, Lubrizol also seeks to increase its presence in the hair care sector.

Lubrizol has won an ITEHPEC Innovation Award in three of the awards’ four editions. The awards are given out by the Technology and Research Institute of ABIHPEC (The Brazilian Association of Toiletries, Perfumes and Cosmetics) in recognition of the most innovative practices among the industry’s producers of active ingredients.

Winner of the Gold Award, the Fensebiome™ peptide is a heptapeptide that seeks to boost the skin’s defense mechanism. In 2016, Lubrizol won the same award with its active ingredient Cellynkage™, and in 2017 it won the Bronze Award with Reproage™.

In an interview with Brazil Beauty News, Lubrizol’s business director for personal, home and health care for South Latin America, Renata Solfredini, talked about the constant search for innovation, the current challenges and trends in the skin care sector and their plans for 2019.

Renata Solfredini, Lubrizol's business director

Renata Solfredini, Lubrizol’s business director

Brazil Beauty News - Lubrizol has won an ITEHPEC Innovation Award for the third year running. How does the company manage to constantly innovate?

Renata Solfredini – Innovation is in Lubrizol’s DNA. It is what drives us to focus on research, acquire new companies and invest in cutting-edge technology.
We have one of the most innovative marine biotechnology labs in Europe, where we develop beauty and wellness products with active ingredients that have been clinically tested and are produced sustainably. In this lab, we study the most important marine microorganisms, peptides and other molecules of both biotechnological and natural origin. All of this is done in an environmentally friendly manner and with a special concern for protecting biodiversity.

Brazil Beauty News - In four award editions, Lubrizol twice won the Gold Award and once the Bronze Award. What significance do these awards have for the company?

Renata Solfredini – This type of recognition is what drives us to keep innovating and diversifying our portfolio of high performance products. Since its launch, our Fensebiome™ peptide has been extremely well received in the market. It boosts the skin’s defense mechanism, increasing the presence of beneficial bacteria on the skin and stimulating the immune system’s responses. This active ingredient is considered a prebiotic that acts as a probiotic, helping improve the skin’s functionality as a physical barrier and preventing dryness of sensitive skin.

Brazil Beauty News - What are Lubrizol’s main concerns when developing a new product?

Renata Solfredini – To find existing market needs that are not currently being met and to offer a unique product. We are also committed to supporting the next generation of beauty brands by making our production processes increasingly more environmentally friendly.
Our recent launches in the polymer category, such as Avalure™ Flex-6 and Pemulen™ EZ-4U, speak to the current trend of minimalist formulas. They are both multipurpose solutions that allow the creation of novel skin care products using fewer ingredients and with formulas that are less complex than those used traditionally.

Lubrizol's factory in Belford Roxo (RJ)

Lubrizol’s factory in Belford Roxo (RJ)

Brazil Beauty News - You mentioned minimalist and multipurpose formulas. What are other important trends in the skin care industry right now?

Renata Solfredini – According to the SEBRAE/ABIHPEC publication on industry trends factors such as sustainability, customization, social value, technology and transparency are all important for consumers. That is why it is paramount that products and treatments be tailored.
The increase in the practice of sports, the search for beauty solutions that address specific personal concerns and changes to traditional family sizes - with families becoming smaller - are also trends that will affect the market

Brazil Beauty News - What is your assessment of the current skin care market in Brazil?

Renata Solfredini – Skin care is still something that is relatively new among Brazilian consumers. The biggest challenge faced by brands right now is delivering on a unique sensory experience combined with visible results and prices adjusted for different consumer markets.
That is why, whenever we produce for the Brazilian market, our main goal is to actively affect Brazilian consumers’ behavior in order to drive up sales, especially in the facial care sector. Our products explore multifunctionality, and seek to introduce active care in consumers’ already-established makeup routines. They also take into consideration specificities based on the different weather patterns present in Brazil.

Brazil Beauty News - What are Lubrizol’s main goals for 2019?

Renata Solfredini – This year we are looking to increase our market share within skin and hair care brands.

Verônica Domingues

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