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Jafra Cosmetics to set up its own plant in Brazil

Brazil is the focus of Jafra Cosmetics’ forthcoming expansion plans. The US-based company, which was founded in 1956 and has been a member of the German-based Vorwerk Group since 2004, sees Brazil as a key market, with annual revenues of R$ 100 million based on direct sales. Jafra’s plans include setting up its own plant in the country and investing in new distribution channels, as well as local product releases. The Iódice fragrance, for instance, has been entirely developed in Brazil. In an interview to Brazil Beauty News, Lásaro do Carmo Jr., president of Jafra Cosmetics South America, offered an insight into the company’s next steps.

Lásaro do Carmo Jr., president of Jafra Cosmetics South America

Lásaro do Carmo Jr., president of Jafra Cosmetics South America

Brazil Beauty News – What are Jafra’s plans for Brazil?

Lásaro do Carmo Jr. – Brazil is a key market for all cosmetic companies operating globally and, therefore, we have many plans. We have started implementing local product releases aiming to get closer to Brazilian consumers. Another advantage of this strategy is a faster production pace, both in new product launches and restocking.

Brazil Beauty News – When should we expect to see Jafra manufacturing in Brazil? Will it have its own plant?

Lásaro do Carmo Jr. – We are currently analyzing opportunities to manufacture locally. We want to invest in our own plant and the fastest way to put it into action is through acquisition. But we have been very selective in our search because we are looking for a plant that meets our quality standards and has its own solid brand with good distribution.

Brazil Beauty News – What peculiarities of the Brazilian market and, consequently, the Brazilian consumer have you observed through your experience with direct sales?

Lásaro do Carmo Jr. – Direct selling is an active selling process, where the sales representative reaches out to the customer. This model goes hand-in-hand with the Brazilian culture, which is dynamic and sociable. Another positive aspect of direct sales is the relationship of trust established between the representative and the customer – they are usually relatives, friends, neighbors or work colleagues. Direct sales allow this contact, which is very typical of Brazilian people. Friends become customers and customers become friends. Direct sales are strongly based on relationships.

Brazil Beauty News – Which products have received greater consumer acceptance in Brazil?

Lásaro do Carmo Jr. – Our Royal Jelly line has been our core product range. As well as the skin care items, this year we have launched the Royal Jelly lipsticks, which have been a great success. The fragrance category is also very strong. The Legend eau de toilette for men is among our best selling products.

Brazil Beauty News – Does Jafra have any strategies specifically targeted at the Brazilian market, including local ingredients, trends and consumer behavior?

Lásaro do Carmo Jr. – When it comes to perfumery, we still have plenty of room to explore. We will create fragrances with notes that suit the Brazilian lifestyle. The Iódice fragrance can be used as an example – it was completely developed locally, from the bottle to the scent. By the end of the year, we will launch moisturizing lotions from our Pure Splash range, which have a light fragrance and must be reapplied several times throughout the day. This line has a great appeal in the North and Northeast markets.

Brazil Beauty News – Will sales remain focused on the direct sales channel? Or are there any plans to open retail stores?

Lásaro do Carmo Jr. – We will never leave the direct sales model, but we can offer our customers different contact channels. We have a designated space at Iódice’s flagship store on Oscar Freire Street, in São Paulo. Some lines have been specially selected for their customers, who have a different profile from those who purchase through our representatives. This is a way to reach out to new customers, which is not related to direct sales, yet does not affect our sales force. In the future, we plan to have an e-commerce platform and company-owned stores.

Brazil Beauty News – How does Jafra stand out among domestic and international competitors? What values does the company want to be known for?

Lásaro do Carmo Jr. – Jafra is positioned in the premium market and it is critical for us to maintain this strategy. Our products endorse this philosophy – our skin care line is manufactured overseas and most formulations are developed in the U.S., offering multiple benefits. Globally, Jafra is committed to creating cruelty free, eco-friendly products with natural ingredients. We also offer the best direct selling deal in Brazil – all our representatives have a 50% discount on catalog prices.

Amanda Mont’Alvão Veloso


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