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From homemade recipes to the cosmetics industry: cider vinegar is the new favorite ingredient in hair care products

The ingredient can seal hair cuticles, helping hair to retain liquids and nutrients that are essential for the health of the hair as well as making it shinier and softer.

Kamila Fonseca, marketing manager at Salon Line

Kamila Fonseca, marketing manager at Salon Line

In order to discover great market opportunities, brands need to observe the behavior of consumers. This is what inspired Brazilian hair care brands Salon Line and Lattans to create products with cider vinegar, a favorite ingredient among those who are looking for a more natural way to take care of their hair.

"We noticed that our clients were frequently using cider vinegar in their homemade hair care recipes. Even though it is an ingredient that brings a lot of positive results, their biggest complaint was due to the not so pleasant smell left on hair strands," says Kamila Fonseca, marketing manager at Salon Line. "As a result, we received constant requests through our customer service channels to use the ingredient," she explains.

Challenge accepted: to develop products that provided the benefits people who used culinary cider vinegar were accustomed to, while eliminating the strong acidic smell. To deal with the issue, Salon Line launched its first line of products with encapsulated fragrances. The fragrance chosen for the products of the collection #todecacho Vinagre de Maçã (I Have Curls Cider Vinegar) is released through nanotechnology, following the movement of the hair, and can last for 24 hours on hair strands.

Recommended for wavy, curly and afro-textured hair, the product line promises shininess and frizz control and soon became a hit among consumers. "Initially, we offered a combing cream, a curl activator and hair jelly. However, at our clients’ request, we launched the finalizing spray, a 2 in 1 mask, a shampoo and a conditioner," says Fonseca.

Bruna Lattanze, director at Lattans

Bruna Lattanze, director at Lattans

Lattans, on the other hand, combined cider vinegar with another popular ingredient in the cosmetics world - micellar water - in a professional line of products with shampoo, conditioner and a moisturizing mask that was launched at the end of 2018. The products were designed to be used daily in every type of hair, deeply cleansing and moisturizing hair strands without causing damage.

According to Andrea Romano, technical educator at London Cosméticos, the benefits of cider vinegar come from its composition. The vinegar consists of 5% acetic acid with 95% water and 33 other substances such as vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. The natural substance - obtained through the fermentation of apples with yeast and beneficial bacteria - can seal hair cuticles, helping hair strands to retain liquids and nutrients that are essential to the health of the hair, making it shinier and softer.

There are other advantages. "Due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties, the cider vinegar helps to control oiliness and dandruff. It also removes traces of products such as finalizing sprays, gels, masks, creams and pomades, which can make the hair look opaque. It is a great ingredient to make curls looser and more well defined," says Bruna Lattanze, director at Lattans.

Cider vinegar is also a natural restorer of pH balance in hair strands and, therefore, it can be a great ally in the treatment of hair damaged by alkaline chemical procedures, such as straightening. "By balancing the pH of hair, cider vinegar also restores the structure and organization of the layers of cuticles, which also helps to untangle hair strands," says Albina de Fátima Silva Ramalho Garcia, a professor of Cosmetology at Universidade Anhembi Morumbi.

Nothing if not versatile - cider vinegar is also used as a natural antiseptic to control bad breath and foot odor along with treating acne and clearing blemishes on fingernails and toenails. Some people even say it helps to reduce cellulite. The cosmetics industry will follow this trend closely.

Verônica Domingues


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