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Following the acquisition of Verescence, Wheaton targets innovation in glass packaging for the beauty industry

With an investment of R$ 45 million, the Wheaton Brasil Group acquired the local subsidiary of France-headquartered glassmaker Verescence in March this year, which would have made Wheaton one of the largest global manufacturers of glass bottles for the cosmetic, perfumery and pharmaceutical industries.

Wheaton’s plant in Sao Bernardo do Campo (Sao Paulo state) was already operating with four continuous furnaces and managed to absorb Verescence’s production, including four lines of cosmetic bottles and two lines of pharmaceutical bottles. Serving clients such as Grupo Boticario, Natura, Avon, Hinode and Jequiti, Wheaton Brasil is keeping an eye on trends, particularly in perfumery packaging, and plans the construction of a new furnace as Renato Massara, Sales Director for the Wheaton Brasil Group, says in this interview with Brazil Beauty News.

Renato Massara, Sales Director for the Wheaton Brasil Group

Renato Massara, Sales Director for the Wheaton Brasil Group

Brazil Beauty News - What are Wheaton’s next steps following Verescence’s acquisition?

Renato Massara - Our Sao Bernardo do Campo plant was completely adapted and modernized to host the Verescence operation. We are optimistic and expect to achieve a 7% growth in the perfumery market. Although our current production capacity has allowed us to absorb this expansion, we are planning to build another furnace in the next three years.

Brazil Beauty News - What has been Verescence’s contribution to Wheaton’s cosmetic packaging portfolio?

Renato Massara – Verescence clients were already served by Wheaton before the acquisition. In addition to exclusive products, we have added Verescence’s main standard packaging items into our portfolio.

Brazil Beauty News - How does Wheaton apply sustainability to its processes?

Renato Massara - Glass is a highly environmentally friendly material. Being 100% recyclable, it can be used to produce new packaging without compromising on quality or purity. Our clients are increasingly concerned about sustainability and environmental impact. For Natura, for example, we have a furnace that uses 20 to 30% of post-consumer raw material. Glass packaging is a natural choice for any new product due to its perception as a high-value material. It also has key features such as transparency, elegance, impermeability, resistance, versatility in shape, size and color, as well as being reusable, returnable and recyclable. The Wheaton Brasil Group has been consistently improving our processes, products and systems by raising awareness and adding more efficiency to our programs.

Brazil Beauty News - Global consultancy companies have drawn attention to how consumers have actively influenced manufacturers’ decisions with their demands for customization and sustainability. What has Wheaton learned from consumers?

Renato Massara - In recent years, there has been a great demand for unique projects and innovation. Since late 2013, we have been working with an innovation group called Experimento, formed by a multidisciplinary team that has been guiding our innovation efforts.

Brazil Beauty News - How would you describe the evolution of glass packaging for cosmetics in Brazil? What are the main trends driving innovation?

Renato Massara - Packaging is an important part of the branding process, particularly in the beauty industry. In addition to protecting the product and its contents, it is a key component for marketing. By monitoring global trends, we develop an annual color palette with a selection of popular colors for the season as well as the latest news in packaging decoration and customization. We also create innovative solutions and processes to meet different market demands, including multicolor painting, which allows the application of up to four colors in one bottle, making the product unique and exclusive. 3D silkscreen is yet another innovative technology as it allows for a more extensive sensorial experience, including both visual and tactile aspects. We have recently added laser engraving to our services, which enables the application of cut-out artworks to packaging.

Amanda Veloso


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