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Edition: Brazil
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Fina Flor invests to revitalize its brand and expects to double sales by 2018

In the cosmetics business - one of the strongest sector of the Brazilian economy - investing in innovation is a key factor of success. Eager to strengthen its position, cosmetics maker Fina Flor invested about R$ 500,000 (US$ 150,000) in an ambitious rebranding project. The Brazilian company was assisted by creative design agency 2DA.

Founded in 1996, Fina Flor develops hair and body care products and markets them in all Brazilian states, with Minas Gerais and in the country’s Northern and North-eastern regions concentrating most of the sales.

The brand’s new positioning now stands on the moto: "Fina Flor - Beleza que é a cara do Brasil" ("Fina Flor - The beauty that is the face of Brazil"). In order to better position the brand, 2DA conducted a study on the brand’s competitive environment that has helped Fina Flor to get a better and deeper knowledge of its own market, its consumers and competitors. Based on this analysis, the new brand strategy was decided and then guided large series of changes: product lines, launches, packaging and a new position in the market.

"These changes have led the company to move away from a follower position and to add innovation to the segment," explains 2DA. The new strategy allowed the company to take new avenues and to create a strong brand in direct contact with end consumers, thus reversing the traditional marketing chain. The surprising result was that Fina Flor added to its core business the mission of revealing the riches of real Brazil.

"Our country has many beauties to offer whether in cultural festivals, in musical rhythms, or in the joy of the people, or in nature and, especially, in the beauty of women. To complete the rebranding, all Fina Flor’s hair and body care products were recreated and new lines were also launched, full of great Brazilianness and innovation," said Jacqueline Freitas, director of Fina Flor.

New logo

To create an even closer proximity to the target audience, the Fina Flor logo was redesigned to bring a new gestural proximity, the delicacy of the handwriting calligraphy combining to the energy of graphite.

"The result is a strong and striking feminine typography that conveys the idea of a closer, more human and more intimate brand. The new logo is both accessible and multicultural, truly Brazilian," said Daniel Guimarães, manager of 2DA Branding & Design. "All the researches we conducted highlighted that women are not looking for active ingredients or technologies but for products designed to bring them more beauty and to enhance their own natural beauty. Women want products that are like them and that can talk to them in a simple and close way. That’s the purpose of the new positioning, which aims to strengthen ties between Fina Flor and its customers."


According to Fina Flor’s commercial director, Carlos Magno Freitas, the consolidation of the new identity, coupled with investments in exports, should contribute to increase the company’s revenues by 100% by 2018. "We expect to grow 30% this year compared to 2015", he pointed out.

Following on to the creation of its new identity, Fina Flor is making a major investment in new product lines. By 2017, about R$ 1 million will be invested in research, new technologies and consumer behaviour insights. The launch of a new moisturising line and of line for curly hair based on coconut oil is being finalized.


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